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I have patm and overheating body.

been suffering PATM for like 7 years and overheating body.. my body is producing too much heat..

People around me, suffering all allergic reaction.. plus they feel too hot when they are near to me. lol and they feel thirsty.... i cant explain anymore im bad at english im done...

here some annoying  sound:

Clear throat
Dry Cough
Rubbing eyes, ears, nose and some body parts
they feel itchy

Even in online games my friends in game are sneezing, coughing in microphone.
Even in phone call
Even my dog and other animals are allergic to me lmao fck this life...

well guys good luck to yall hope we survive this unknown ********...
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take Secaris nasal lubrifiant to treat the inflammation of the noses due to too much mucous, Secaris is working on stuffiness allergies etc
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I think it may be related to undiagnosed allergies of some kind. Are you allergic to any foods that you know of?
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Thank you for sharing your experience with tele-PATM. PATM definitely TELE-communicates.  there have been many reports of PATM going through phones and even like your case, going through online games with microphone. How often do you play online games? Why don't you propose to your friends to play sometimes with your microphone off. That way you can experiment and check whether they have as many reactions when your microphone is off from the very beginning of the game. Keep a little tab next to you and count how many times they sneeze/cough when you play with your microphone off and how many times they react when you play with your mic on. Play the same amount of time or adjust by the number of minutes you play to compute a reactions per minute measure. This evidence is very important. If you see a difference it means that PATM is captured by the microphone as many here believe.. That means that it has to be either a soundwave, or some kind of electric disturbance (as mics convert soundwave into electric signal), other air pressure disturbance or some kind of electromagnetic thing. My understanding of how microphones work is limited but from what I understand these are the only things that could be captured and transmitted by a mic. If anyone is more knowledgeable please correct me if I am wrong. If anyone has a friend who knows in depth how microphones work please consult with him all the possible known or unknown things that could be captured by a microphone.
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