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Leaky Gut Syndrome or Celia Disease (glueten free diet)

Hi I'm back with some new and hopefully helpful information for myself and the other members of PATM forum.

I highly suspected that hydrogen sulfide producing in my body was a culprit, so I did some research and I found this website. Hydrogen sulfide will cause those PATM reactions.


Take a look at this article. It talks about leaky gut and hydrogen sulfide.

I'm going to get checked for leaky gut syndrome

Also I looked at some articles on ehow about leaky gut syndrome.

I am experiencing almost all of the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome, hair loss is a biggie. Please view all of the articles on ehow also.

You can also treat leaky gut or celiac disease naturally and the articles on the website, ehow, will give instructions.

I'm so excited, I feel that I'm finally closer to getting my life back. I did have a bad pains in my stomach prior the the PATM symptoms and I did smell a foul odor around me for weeks (hydrogen sulfide) until I could no longer smell it.

People are still coughing, sneezing, clearing their throats, draining their noses, sniffling around me. Some days are better than others but I cannot pin point what I am doing to have better days. I started using biofilm mouthwash by Biotene.

I also have the same symptoms (eye irritation which hydorgen sulfide causes this reaction, runny nose, coughing and sneezing) but they're as nearly as bad as the people that come in contact with me. My nose is still runny at times. Adn my throat has been sore but i'm not sure if that is from my recently diagnosis of allergic rhinitis.

I have changed my diet, I plan to take vitamins, probiotics, unpasturized vinegar, maybe aloe vera juice, real vegetable juice juiced in a juicer for starters to help my situation and then I'm going to schedule an appt. with my dr. to test for leaky gut. I will not eat processed foods unless it is gluten free popcorn or rice cakes (if i have cravings). I hope that this is what it is. I really want my life and sanity back. My stomach does hurt a bit today I don't know if there is any connection.

I hope this post helps the other people who are still suffering. God bless.
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I know it's been a while since anyone has posted on this thread but I just had to comment because I wanted to know what happened with the original poster.

I believe PATM is caused by either an autoimmune disease/condition and or GI disease/condition. I was recently diagnosed with Hashimotos and Celiacs plus im pre-diabetic and through my research have come to realize my PATM symptoms were due to this in part if not totally.

I first developed this hypothesis when I went low carb to loose weight and my PATM symptoms improved. That was the first piece if the puzzle. Once I was diagnosed with Celiacs the second piece clicked. The allergy like symptoms were caused by my intolerance of gluten. The sneezing, runny nose, headaches, depression, itchy crawling feelings, the fecal odor, persistent rash, everything!!! The low carb diet helped because I wasn't consuming gluten on it. Unfortunately you can still come into contact with gluten through ways orher than the obvious. Some cosmetics, vitamins, breading on certain foods, breadcrumbs used as binding agents, wheat protein used to bulk up processed foods or as a thickening agent gravies/sauces/dressings etc. so my symptoms would never totally disappear.

Ever since then I've been wondering how many if us have been diagnosed with
1. Autoimmune diseases
2. GI disorders

It would be great to hear from you.

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Did you got tested yet for the Leaky gut?

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I'm curious. what is going on in your body when you put the oil of oregano on your thyroid on the outside?
I just googled

Hashimoto's Thyroid Disease

I do have those symptoms. especiallly the constipation (this week is bad) :( and i have the memory loss, the brittle hair and nails, depression etc. Sigh I cannot wait until i see the nautropathic dr. and i can't wait until they start doing testing ...Everything will fall into place...I 'm praying and hoping for the best...

Oh yeah my thyroid test came back negative :(

so it's weird you don't have fillings...and I do...you might have a thyroid problem and as of my last test I don't. I hopefully will get tested soon again for thyroid disorders. I'll let you know...
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I dont have mercurey dental fillings. do you have them?

I think my problem has to do with the Thyroid, what did the docters test on you? did they did blood test or did they just look?

You should goodle about Thyroid and the Hydrogen sulfide. it sounds realy like our problem. i mean the body makes Hydrogen Sulfide, and what if you cant smell it but will have the reaction?

I just did some Oregano oil on my Thyroid (outside) And i must say there is a lot going on in my body.

Try it!

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do you have mercury dental fillings? if you do, I wrote a post if you cannot find it i will try to find the link. it's very important.

Good luck :)
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Yeah i have all the symptoms you precribe and i have been diagnosted with Candida.

I'm going to try a diet, but im 21 this is really hard for me. But the progress must be worth it!

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candida can cause leaky gut syndrome
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no i didn't get tested yet. i've had some terrible experiences with the dr.'s that i've opened up to about my PATM lately and they all do not believe me and have tried to suggest that I get psychiatric help :( I've seen an ENT , b/c my sense of smell is not strong anymore. I have a sensitivity to egg smell and someone in my house was cooking eggs and I couldn't smell it. I was diagnosed with allergic rhinitis and i was told that inside my nose was swollen. and the ENT dr. acted like she didn't care and dismissed my symptoms. she took a scope and looked into my nose and didn't see anything. My infectiious disease dr. did a throat culture and the allergist says that I do not have any allergies. I have a dr.'s appt. next week and I am hoping he can help me find out what's wrong (a gastro dr.). I do not have celiac disease which I was tested for and my blood work was normal. I do not have any thyroid problems etc.

Have you been able to find a good dr.?
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did u get tested for leaky gut? I also notice that after eating, people around me react more.
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Did anyone ever hear about glutamine? It is supposed to help leaky gut syndrome. Has anyone ever taken it?

Oh yes, I have observed my symptoms and the reactions from other people by what I ate today.

I definitely believe PATM has something to do with the digestive system. We have some type of bacteria, overgrowth of bateria, or yeast in our bodies (maybe even parasites). I think I have leaky gut syndrome.

PATM could very possibly be related to the digestion process involving leaky gut syndrome and hydrogen sulfide and toxins that form and that emit from our bodies.

Okay, all I ate was an apple this morning right before I left the house to run errands. I was out for at least 1 hour and a half with no PATM reactions from other people.  I went to 3 public places and NO PATM symptoms. I thought I was cured.

But, NO, it was too good to be true.  After the 1 hour an a half, which I'm believing this is how long it took for the apple to go through my stomach into my intestines, the PATM  reactions from other people were strongly present.  

Now, I can pinpoint why some days are better than others. I have seen a previous post where a member said that he noticed that things are better when he doesn't eat...So I tried that for a while. And that member is exactly right, I believe!

I notice when I come back from lunch, at work, a lot of people are coughing, sneezing, draining their nose, sniffling, touching their nose. And I suffer from a runny nose. I've been having this runny nose for a long time and I think I've been suffering from this for a long time it's only now getting worse.  It's chaos (at least that is the way it feels).

So today for lunch, I made a fruit smoothie (banana, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries) mixed with 2 ounces of aloe vera juice. I ate raw cabbage with a half clove of garlic finely chopped in a food processor, a vitamin for hair skin and nails (since my hair doesn't really look like it's growing, my nails are brittle and break off fast and these are symptoms of leaky gut syndrome) and water. I have a terrible headache. It has been stressful at home and I have been put through a lot of emotional stress today.

Things I will try to help the healing process, getting tested for leaky gut first, if positive then I will do a colon cleanse, probiotics, drinking 1 to 2 teaspoons in moderation of unpasturized raw apple cider vineger mixed with water, taking vitamins, sticking with my vegan diet, and going back on my digestive enzymes.

Hope everyone is doing well. Responses to this posts and my other posts are highly encouraged. God bless.

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