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Hi guys, you won't believe what i did for the past 4months of having patm, i finally today 100% reversed patm 9/2/17. And i am 100% not trolling. What reactions do i get? well i get people doing dry coughs, sneeze,which eventually get sore throats, even reactions through windows/ telephones, water bottles get empty fast from near by people, people would get uncomfortable around me. When i had patm, i had also had pain on my left abdomen, and never a normal stool.

So today, In the bus and train today, not even one single person coughed, throughout my 30min train ride, instead whoever sat infront kept laughing and even people near me smiled. I am sure this is the opposite side of patm, which i manifested. When i had patm, I use to get people that avoid sitting near me on the bus, by moving further away and give me nasty looks, but today nothing like that happened. So a big shoutout to this PATM forum, from when i first had patm 31-10-16 because i thought i was the only person in the world that had it or some mental problem. Let me be honest with you, majority of the posts on here didn't help. Because most of you guys say its candida, odour, gas, bugs, mold, ITS NONE OF THAT I SWEAR TO YOU. Whether you believe me or not. Importantly, the old posts on here did effectively help me through the cure process, so i wanna say thankyou to those people. This is my last post. I know exactly why patm started, and have all answers. And i wanna say every single one of you can reverse this also. It will take time, how long? depends on the person. If they put 100% dedication then they will be cured like me, which only took me 4 solid months :) i hope this is a new record on here, haha. Anyway this is my last post, remember to eat healthy, drink lots of water, stay positive and my last important word believe in yourself and not give up. I'm telling u exact words what my sub-conscious mind told me in order to cure this.
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If you start telling yourself there is nothing wrong with you, you eventually start beleive that. It is in the  mind wherever the case is that where mind begins or ends. If you tell yourself you have a problem you eventually start beleive in it and all sorts of problems arise. For instance, your body will respond with what you feed your mind and vice versa. Trust me you will know when you are patm free. You feel it in the mind somewhere. Also your thoughts are no longer reflective of patm. I think I hate to break it to you reisha but I think ive broken the record with getting myself back up and on track at record speed. Lol. It not a race but the quickest you can get this problem resolved the quicker you can move on. Neglecting yourself and your mind doesn't help. Stay focused and determined with what you what to achieve with your day. It's all about forgetting about it. Letting your mind rest. Sounds easy to say but you will feel it in you when patm disappears. Atm you're in patm mode and all you feel is patm. Also be happy. Trust me it takes you a long way. And also it's nice not to feel afraid anymore.
No, i am not in patm mood, i am 100% cured i dont get reactions anymore, i reversed it.
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Let breath be breath. My little motto. Lol you don't have to keep thinking on breath causing it to be faulty. Let your breathing takes it natural cause. Smell. I use to hate this word. I realised why I hate this word because I associated it with me and so deeply so negatively. I don't attach such definitions to me anymore. Also remember patm is a natural defense mechanism. You are not intentionally causing people these reactions. No. infact it's just a natural reflex. Time will cause it to diminsh. Work with it.
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I'm very happy for you r3isha, I believe you when you say you have defeated patm with your mind alone, I will take your story as an example. Good luck!
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How you got the cure? Please help me!
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