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Oke, its time to put some questions here, need to find something atleast.

Hi guys,over the time we developed this PATM out of nowhere and we still dont know what happen, i decided to get some informations and i'll start my own personal research, so i have a few questions that you guys can answer if want.
1.Was your PATM triggered by antibiotics or am i the only one who didnt used antibiotics but still developed patm?
2.I know some peoples gives only cough, others rub nose etc...Does some of you give like all allergic symptoms include:runny nose, sniffes,cough,clean throat, itchy face? i do give them all of this unfortunatelly
3.Does ever diet or supplements helped you,like to get rid completely of reactions? for me atleast no diet, no supplement work.
4.Does any of you got worse reactions after a candida cleanse, parasite cleanse etc...?
5.How many of you have IBS? are there peoples with a perfect digestion but still have patm ?
6.In my case i have ibs with constipation, bloating, a lot of gas, and a constant left abdomen pain, do you guys find in that?
Some of you claim that you dont have a body odor, and that's true, for me it really isnt a body odour,i got compliments about how i smell but still reactions
As i seen on the forum, every patm is different for everyone, but i have seen we all have in common 1 thing: the gut and digestion,some supplements worked for some and didnt worked for others, so i think this patm is a result of something that happen wrong in the gut, but not something specific, like someone cured after candida diet, someone cured after h pylori antibiotics treatment, someone took metronidazole and said he s cured, someone mentioned something about nasal sinusitis, its so hard to find out what's happen if its different for everyone, i think the only way to cure of minimize reactions is to heal the gut, but if you dont know what's the problem in your gut then you'll have a difficult life...
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Mine was not triggered by anti biotics.   Excessive coffee maybe but no meds at all.  
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Thank you for posting, I agree it's time to solve this.
1. For me, patm started w/o being on any sorts of meds. I had lived on Greenland for a year, came back to "civilization" and I wanted to enjoy myself as much as possible. For me that meant to go have a beer/drinks a few times per week, go to concerts/pubs midweek and and lots of takeaway and fastfood in general. In addition to that, I worked a few night shifts
here and there so I didn't have any regularity and I could feel my body not liking living like this, but I ignored the signs.
Before I got Patm, I had signs of candida for several years, tongue coating, athlete's foot off and on. In Greenland, we discovered we had black mold in our apartments, but the patm signs appeared 6 months after leaving GL.

2. Some people in my surroundings get all of those symptoms, but the most common are reoccuring coughs, 2-3 fast sneezes in a row followed by a runny nose and finally sniffles. I've had patm for about 5 years, and I have started to notice myself having these symptoms more and more the last year. Itchy scalp is another symptom I notice on myself too, that and a hoarse voice.

Oftentimes I get no symptoms from others, but when I start talking I can "generate" a cough from someone nearby. Sometime when I belch I get the same reaction. This leads me to believe that there is something in our stomachs/intestines that finds itself out via the blood -> lungs and stomach -> esophagus.

When I've eaten carbyhydrate rich food, it sometimes feels like I have a film on my skin irritating me.

So every type of fungal produce toxins that the body have to take care of. My idea is that we have overloaded our bodies, by meds or simply by not taking proper care of our bodies, and that we have candida + some other fungal that have gotten hold in our bodies. By not adhering to a long-term anti-fungal protocol and diet, we keep feeding these fungals, and the body keeps being overloaded with toxins.

When I've started on a antifungal protocol, the first few days I get noticably decreased reactions on the second day, but soon after that I've often gotten increased patm reactions. However, I now believe it's a part of the die-off reactions as candida is known to release toxins when it dies. I'm soon starting another period of strict diet, but it's so hard to stay with it as food is such an integral part of society, and well, life in general.

The food that generates most patm reactions are coffee and fried food like chips and fries.

Yes, have IBS, and have had a nervous stomach during a large part of my life. Why I think our problem is because of candida, is because so many of us report having candida or symptoms 100% similar to candida. However, most people with candida don't have patm, so either the candida have spread to some parts in our body that produces "patm gases", we have a special strain of candida, or we have candida + something else. In either way candida is the common denominator and for me that's enough to start working eliminate candida.

I do not have a body odour, however I often get a runny nose and I think the smell of the snot reminds of onions (Yes, it's a bit disgusting to smell the snot, but it's for "patm research"), and the curious thing is I often sneeze afterwards, indicating there are lots of patm-stuff in the snot.

So what do you think of all this, does parts of it seem similar to what you are experiencing?
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Hi, i really dont know if its candida or not for me, but i can tell you that before knowing about patm,i usually gave peoples to clean their throats, but very rare,like 2 of 10 peoples will clean their throats.Ofc i had no idea it was because of me and maybe it wasnt because most of people clean their throats without actually any reason.Well everything was fine, i suspected that i had candida and started a candida ketogenic diet and take some candida cleanse pills,after 1 month of candida cleanse and diet my ibs symptoms triggered and peoples started to cough, have a runny nose and sniff around me.SO i think im the opposite of what this forum talked about because before candida cleanse i had no ibs,was eating like **** but somehow i was feeling perfect, had normal stools, no gas, no cramps, no everything, after i did the candida cleanse, everything got worse and stayed like that untill today.So i ****** my stomach because of candida diet and candida pills,was on a really strict diet not even diary or yogurt because i didnt wanted to eat something with lactose in it.Its strange for me.Since then i tried to fix my ibs symptoms because i know that started when ibs started, so obviously its have something to do with stomach, and i know if somehow we can solve our ibs symptoms and have a normal digestion again, this patm will decrease substantially
Hi bettertimes

Funny we have 3 things in commons based on your writing

1. I have been exposed to black mold too
2. Tongue coating (oral thrush)
3. The onion smell (except I am not sure if it is my snot or something else because people comment i smell like old onion/garlic/old booze)

When I was younger I used to get sudden stomach pain followed by a diarrhea but haven't had the symptoms in many years and this was before PATM.
Ah I see!

I could get stomach pains too every now and then, but I didnt get diarrhea in conx with that.

Got a few questions for you :)

Have you ever had difficulties eating breakfast during mornings or had a feeling that the stomach wasnt ready for accepting food?

How long was it before you were exposed to black mold and you started getting patm reactions?

One thing that recently eliminated patm reactions for me, albeit briefly was exercising for a long while. I was on a 2 hour road bike exercise, got no more reactions during that day. Have anyone experienced something similar?

One thing that increased patm was nervousness, like before a job interview.
Has anyone tried a colon hydrotherapy ?
Hi bettertimes

>Have you ever had difficulties eating breakfast during mornings or had a feeling that the stomach wasnt ready for accepting food?

I don't eat anything in the morning because I am not simply hungry, then i eat once at work and after, If I have a day off work I only eat once so you could say my appetite is poor.

>How long was it before you were exposed to black mold and you started getting patm reactions?

I would say somewhat briefly because it was a moldy sauna door and a moldy cabinet that I removed after a few weeks and I found them accidentally, I was also exposed to poor ventilation and paint fumes at the same time so it could have been a mold/chemical combination that was needed for PATM to start

>One thing that recently eliminated patm reactions for me, albeit briefly was exercising for a long while. I was on a 2 hour road bike exercise, got no more reactions during that day. Have anyone experienced something similar?

Yes this happened to me once I drank lots of green tea to stay up late and got diarrhea (lol again that word) and not a single damn reaction on the whole day until I went to my moms house and made myself some rice and chicken breast, the moment I started eating her nose started running and she started sniffling..
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the time i hit 18.5 year old college days. PATM its started.. ruined my life.
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It started with me using a weird fungal medicine Flucanzole
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