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PATM - Does anyone else have low methylmalonic acid levels?

On my bloodwork, one of the consistent abnormalities is low mma levels. I'm wondering if anyone else has this same issue.
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Your case is interesting because low methylamonic acid means high vitamin b12 levels which I think is not ok also.It's interesting because I have methylation deficiency which means low b12 levels.
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Hmm it's odd because my methylmalonic acid levels are low, but so are my b12 levels. When I take b12 supplements, I don't think my body absorbs them because my urine is often bright yellow and my blood tests have shown no improvement in b12. I can't seem to find anything online about low mma and low b12.
Have you discovered anything that improves your mma levels? I know it is very important to the detoxification of the body, and I am eager to improve my levels in the hope that it may reduce PATM.
Yes my case is the same-that's why I think that PAtM is about mycotoxins and methylation.My urine is also bright yellow when I take methyl B-complex and that is not ok.
What are your b12 and homocysteine levels?
Mindspace may you tell  what   things you eat that reduce your patm , and how long you have patm   , you are the only person who give me hope  for patm   , i have patm 2 years now   i have stomach brolem , bloating  diherria,  gastric , constipiation ,  low immunity system  ,  iritable bowel syndrome ,  phelgm    and low energy  i met more docters  but no result   also i have  fatigue plz  may you give some help  ,,,,, thank you
I haven't been able to get my homocysteine levels checked yet, but I am going to try to have my doc run that blood test next week. My neurologist just happened to run the test for methylmalonic acid and that's how I discovered my very low level. My b12 levels hover just under 200, but don't respond to supplements.
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