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PATM and Fungus Spores...

Just got my lab results back for a condition called thrush. The lab results showed that I have fungal elements like arthroconidia, hepal fragments and chlamydoconidia. According to experts these fungal elements can only exist  immunocompromised humans. People with diabetes, AIDS, compromised immune system or patients that have gone thru some kind of bone barrow transplant. I consider myself to be in excellent health and are not suffering from any of these conditions. These fungal elements can reside in the lungs, intestinal trait and the skin. My question is why can't my body defenses get rid of these funguses. Why doesn't my body respond to try to attack these foreign invaders.

I have an appointment with infectious disease specialist in December for this condition.

I would love to hear from the PATM community about this topic cause supposedly this fungus can be acquired from water damaged houses, antibiotics use, contaminated foods.

I really believe we are releasing fungus spores thru our breath, skin and digestive system per the info that I have been reading.
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Looking through your profile, Im stunned. If only we had conferred all these years since 2018:( I also came to the conclusion that I have a fungal infection and upon taking CBD, Zinc, Deodorex, and alkaline water I have started seeing candida in my stools. All of these years our bodies are suffering. I ended up with benign tumors on my spleen and auditory canal. I strongly believe this is because of the fungal infection. This all started from too many rounds of antibiotics mixed with my pre-existing anxiety disorder and chronic constipation. The white tongue is indicative of thrush too, with deodorex my white tongue disappeared. I even tested not brushing my tongue for 2 weeks and no white! Another main concern is to keep evacuating stool to cleanse our system. Alkaline water has proven helpful for me but maybe not for everyone. I'm still on the hunt for more mushroom strains and probiotics to knock this candida out. I struggle with maintenance because its hard to keep "clean" with food/alcohol as a college student. Good luck and I will keep in touch on here!
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Why do they claim hypotheses that cannot be tested? There are people here in the forum who have been with PATM for 30 years, however they do not suffer from diseases apart from PATM. In fact, I am in my 30s and about 5 years with PATM, they are the ones that seem to be the most young adolescent, I do not have any disease apart from PATM other than sporadic allergies, nothing recorded. What I do notice a lot of PATM is exactly when I fractured my shoulder. That yes, before I had problems with Tuberculosis, I had before the PATM when I was 19 years old, after that my allergies started, nothing serious, but after 5 years PATM appeared out of nowhere just after my accident, I did not take any medication. Right now I am in good health, what's more, since I have PATM I haven't gotten sick. On a psychological level, if I have socialization problems due to the stress-anxiety caused by PATM, it is the other very important factor, by the way, since prolonged stress-anxiety lowers your defenses and if you add antibiotic medications that the doctor does not guide you, well, you will arrive to get sick not only from the PATM, here in the forum they mentioned that they ended up with candida for being excessively medicated with antibiotics thinking that it would solve... I understand that desperation enters, but from there to self-medicate excessively without a guide, well, it is basically taking poison....

Hi yikesyowza, Interesting about the CBD, what brand of CBD are you using? And what concentration do you have?

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Please ask Dr for Ketaconazole shampoo, 2%, this will remove most PATM reactions for 1-2 days, then you need to use again, clean whole body with it. Hair, nose hair, eyebrows, pubic,. Leave on areas a few minutes, yes even nose hair, get this in there. Specially head and groin area is where most of the particles come from, the hair there
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I agree with this completely! My Dr. prescribed this for me and since I’ve been using it, I’ve noticed the same group of people who reacted to me before, not having reactions.
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I also thought that this could be the issue. I do think it is related to digestion. When I take proton pump inhibitors I can tell a difference, but they cause my joints to stiffen too bad.
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Has anybody watched YouTube videos on the kid that suffers from TMAU and what he did to cure himself. It’s called Winning the gut war. I got to hand it to him, he is very passionate and entertaining. I think he is on to something here.

Please watch all his videos. It makes sense.

Im going to be making my own Kefir to consume and hopefully and I get positive results myself.
I watched them all as i do everything patm related.   Although a  positive try.  I dont think he has any idea whats going on.   He spits out a few tmau facts and leads on patm is similar.    Im more interested in how you do following his protocol.  What is interesting though is  over 600 views.  Thats a good (or bad) sign that patm is getting more attention than the past.
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Ray, thank you for letting us know. Iv often suspected some type of fungus/mold may be the culprit.

From 2016-2017 I was living in a damp flat, and the bedroom which I slept in was covered in black mold. I even scrubbed the walls without a mask! Stupid I know.

If you read about symptoms when people are exposed to Mold it describes my reactions exactly; headaches, coughing, sneezing, nausea etc.

I believe you are really onto something here so please keep us updated. Thanks.
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Hi ray2502!

Hope you are doing well.

I got visible oral thrush around the same time I got PATM, and I know for certain I was exposed to black mold when renovating a old shower room.

Why the PATM does not go away after the exposure ends is beyond me unless I still get exposed to something without myself knowing it or maybe the black mold only started this and now  I suck up all kinds of molds into my system from the environment.

Going to try being a straight month outdoors once summer comes around and I get my vacation from work.
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Could the mold be reproducing in our lungs? Or where ever it is.
My personal opinion is that this stuff reproduces in ideal environments and releases spores. I consider my body an ideal environment. It is moist, constant 98.6 temperature, and endless supply of food. It goes into hibernation when this environment is not present or when it feels threatened.

Hepal fragments are microscopic in size and can get into anything. (cell/landline phones etc...)

My wife immediately reacts to me when my tongue is white in color. I clean my tongue with a tongue scrapper and reactions immediately reduce.

Even though I consider myself in good health, I have been diagnosed with low vitamin d/k, calcium. I'm also considering getting tested for celiac disease which would explain the low vitamins and mineral deficiencies which would explain why my body has a compromised immune system. Will talk to infectious disease specialist about all this and if anybody has any questions that they would like me to ask.
They can't say that I'm crazy now because I have biological results to back-up what I'm saying.
Yes. I agree about the white tongue. Mine is always white. Yet doctors nor dentist seems to know why. I have had upper endoscopy many times where the doc took tissue samples from my esophagus and stomach everything was negative no yeast. Although I had white spots in my throat according to the x rays but was not yeast. I think it may have been from me using too much peroxide to gargle. It is mind boggling.
ray2502, я уже писал, что имею синдром жильбера, футации фолатного цикла(метиониновый парадокс) мутантная фибриназа(склонность к кровотечения, гемартрозам) витамин D    самая маленькая доза делает мне песок в почках. Гистология органов изменена-аномальный метаболический синдром-повышение лактата, аммиака. Состав крови:гиперкапния, снижениеО2 избыток бикарбоната нсо3. Такое бывает при хронической гипертензии или деструкции поджелудочной железы. Нарушен венозный отток из кищечника, газ образован не пищей, а газ интерстициальный(тканевый), клетки органов забиты жиром, клеточное Ожирение. Мышцы превращаются в жир, наступит Саркопению и мы не сможем работать. У меня компьютерная томограмма показала Остеохондроз позвоночника, гемангиомы 6 позвонков. С такими болячками долго не живут.
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Good to see you pushing forward looking for answers.   Watch a few videos about black mold and watch how the spores "shoot out"   its interesting to say the least.    Take care. Good luck
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You may be on to something Ray. Earlier this year I had a scope done of my throat due to inflammation, and my ENT discovered I had thrush in my throat. Told me this was due to years of having silent acid reflux.  He gave me an anti-fungal med to take for a couple of weeks along with an antibiotic and a PPI. After treatment I still had PATM reactions, but if it’s more of a systemic fungal issue instead of being isolated to my throat, maybe this could be why the short-term treatment didn’t ‘cure’ me of PATM. Please let us know how the infectious disease specialist appt goes.
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I also have had thrush/yeast problems, but they came after patm started.   If you can cut the sugar and flower out the yeast disappears in about a week.  When i have yeast present the reactions on other people is an itch or a prickly sensation.  Compared to when ive been around dust or mildew.  That will cause sneezes in people around me for a few days.   I have a reaction chart ive created over the past few years.  Thats why i believe the "patm" is seperate from the mold,parasites,yeast,ect.
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