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PATM cure ?

Hello to all of you.  I'm Justin,  25, I live in Orlando.  I will say, PATM reactions in this city are no fun at all.  My first reaction was at a huge concert called "Sunset Music Festival " .... which is a HUGE RAVE with a lot of people. I didn't know what was going on and why my friends started sneezing, coughing,  clearing their throats, etc.  It was weird because everyone else in the crowds were as well, and when I got closer to them, the reactions were inbearable.  

A week went by, and I noticed it at work.  Same reactions.  I typed 8nto Google,  "why are people allergic to me" and here I am.  I'm currently doing alot of research. ..

I work at a hospital, and I'm really good friends with a microbiologist,  chemist, and hematologist.  They have checked all of my lab work and said I was anemic .  Additionally,  my white cell count and everything else was normal (since I'm 25 and active)!  They even laughed at my cholesterol being so low at 135 LOL !!  I even tested my stool for parasites, and nothing came back positive.  I took the advice and started treating for candida.  

I purchased the following products (encouraged by hopeful12345): brown rice powder by Jarrow Formulas, althea probiotic he mentioned by the same comapny, and Oxy powder, and Candida Cleanse from Purely Holistic  

Additionally,  I recently added L Glutamine,  quercetin,  digestive enzymes, milk thistle, molybdenum, fish oil pills, and vitamin c 1000.

I've been taking all of these for a short period of time.  Just letting you all know my progress.  The reactions are not improving .  That's okay because I know this is a never ending battle, and I will stay strong of course.  It just ***** that the reactions are alone l, and my friends think I'm crazy when I tell them, "I'm like rogue from X Men.  Stat away , I have the plague! "  I'm just trying to laugh and joke about it because staying positive is KEY :)

If you all took anything or recommend anything in your success, please feel free to contact me .  Inflammation seems to be a huge problem for me.  I dont know how to decrease it because I follow the Candida Diet.  Drink a gallon or more of water a day as well.  I've been doing Epson salt baths, running for an hour, and dry saunas everyday .  

Let me know what you all suggest !  Also, I use the heck out of coconut oil! !!!  Almost busted my buttime in the shower the other night AHAHA

Have a good day everyone, and please keep your head up high :)
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Hey to you all and Happy Holidays from Orlando, the city of dreams!

I will say, this PATM thing is getting on my last nerve.  It seems to be getting worse and not better.  I have run out of Candida Cleanse by Purely Holistic and Oxy Powder.  As soon as I get paid, those will be on my things to  buy first list.  My diet is currently horrible:  Lots of pastas, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, ham, turkey.  HORRIBLE HORRIBLE FOODS.

I started the candida diet back two days ago, and I feel okay.  Nothing different.  I do have strep throat....went to the doctor on Monday, and she told me to take antibiotics.  I'm taking amoxicillin, but I am scared.  Should I continue it or no?  My throat still has not improved, so I'm drinking aloe vera organic juice from Vitamin Shoppe and lots of water, green tea, and lemon juice.  Anyone else have chronic sinusitis?  My PCP diagnosed me with that 3 years ago...must be tied to all of this.

Has anyone ever been tested for celiac disease?   Our symptoms are similar to people with that disease excluding the patm part.  Patm reactions; I believe that is the candida albicans reeking havoc in our bloodstream.  

Additionally, I got strep throat after drinking Patron on a wild night out.....I shouldn't have done it... but I am 25 and stupid ahaha !   I have noticed that when I do drink alcohol, not even a lot, I get sick instead of a hangover.  I either get a sinus infection or strep throat.  This is my third time this year with strep throat and it is no fun.

No more alcohol for me.  No more pot smoking.  No more eating horrible.  Anybody have any other cleanses that they would recommend with the Oxy Powder?  Anything to add or recommend, please comment below.  

Thanks and Happy Holidays everyone!

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If you've already started taking the amoxicillin, I would follow through with it. Not taking the entire course of a prescribed antibiotic treatment is one of the best ways to breed "superbugs".

If you can incorporate a high quality probiotic (preferably liquid or powder) into your diet now, that might stave off the potential for negatively upsetting your intestinal flora (it might even improve your intestinal flora if the amoxicillin eliminates some of the bad bacteria and you immediately repopulate your intestines with beneficial bacteria).  
I don't know if lactulose is available over the counter in the US, but some studies have shown that lactulose (which is both a laxative as well as a good pre-biotic) in combination with antiobiotics (Rifaximin in particular) results in better outcomes for retaining beneficial bacteria than just taking antibiotics alone (Google "Use of lactulose for creating of the new class of antibiotics" or "Antibiotics for the Treatment of Hepatic Encephalopathy").

The laxative effect of lactulose makes sure that the bad bacteria get out of your system as fast as possible, and the pre-biotic effect helps to re-establish the beneficial bacteria that you're hopefully supplementing during your antibiotics.

google : natural antibiotics for info

for me - if I had strep throat - I would not take antibiotics- I would take Manuka honey and garlic capsules

as you know - our food choices are critical in helping to remain patm free
God Bless you to be consistent more each and every day

research and try :

Diatomaceous Earth food grade - got mine from

This has been a winner for me - I take one tablespoon early morning at least two hours before breakfast

if you decide to check it out  -  I would do it without taking the other supplements- so you see
if it alone ( along with better food choices of course ) is making the difference in your improved health.

God Bless and keep us updated
HI grateful2011.Why do you prefer bar soap?What do you think about coconut oil soap unscented but is liquid.Also wanna ask you about brown rice protein powder about warnings it says:This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.What do you think?Is that bad?For men or women.
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What you had been gone was my experience too up to now.. I am just staying strong for my family.. I was started to have PATM 4-5 yrs ago.. and i have kidney stone.. but i think it's nothing to do with my situation. My siblings and my family tells me that it's all in my mind,,even though some of them get cough, sneeze and even get fever.  I believe that we all have PATM have STRONG MIND that only us can solve the problem. We have to learn how to do it in our own. But i cannot do this w/ my own if i have work and family in me. I just need a big brake/ leave and have long vacation that can teach myself how to manage my own mind. Good diet, meditation, exercise and prayer most of all. Good luck to us! I love you guys.  
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Turmeric capsules to get rid of the inflammation in your body

God Bless and keep being proactive in becoming patm free / u got  this !
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What kind of inglamation....mine is sore throat and chest. Feel sick all the time
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Hey guy,

I didn't hear about doing a blood transfusion as well.  I'm not sure if that's going to be easy for any of us to get because we are young and healthy.  I'm not even overweight LOL I have abs, eat very clean already, so idk if it's candida at all.  I'm still treating for it, but I'm not sure if that's it at all.  

WHAT'S EVEN SCARIER is that I took antibiotics called Omnicef 2 weeks prior before going to the music festival,  and boom, PATM.  I know mine probably has to due with the antibiotics destroying all of my good bacteria, thus letting candida take over .  Also, I smoke marijuana sometimes before I eat because it tastes better.  During my antibiotics,  I smoked everyday.  I just researched that THC can INCREASE candida overgrowth !!  Oops.

This just ***** because I'm a very young, good looking, and sexually active kind of person LOL and I just want this to be over .  It's only been 3 weeks, so I have to be patient.  Following a strict candida diet which is not hard for me since I already diet .  It just gets expensive when all you can eat are GRASS FED MEAT !! LOL I'm thinking that we have antibiotic induced PATM which increased our candida overgrowth.

Keep in tocuh, stay positive, and buy some other things .  I just bought some chlorealla tablets , to detox heavy metals from my body, and I don't feel any different.  I know we want to be fixed tomorrow,  and I know that's not going to happen.  Enjoy Toronto!   I was just there and I took a photo shoot in front of Casa Loma !!

Sending love from Orlando
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Try desiccated beef liver.
Hey as u working in a hospital please consult with a dermatologist for the same as this is a kind of psoriasis. And after consulting dm me.
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First sentence didn't = did ** oops lol
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Also, HOW DO YOU GET RID OF THUS BRAIN FOG !?!!!  I'm dying people .  I can barely drive I'm so dizzy all the time :/
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this patm brain fog becomes less for me if I eat healthier (more organic, less processed food) maybe it's binding these toxins
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Dont panic man we have patm positive!!!. If you said im sick youre sick
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The dessicated beef liver pills are on its way .  Thanks alot everyone !  Stay positive and screw all those mean faces when they react to us.   We got this :)
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I hope you are having a fantastic weekend. I wanted to ask you something about removing toxins from our body.   The oxy powder is working WONDERS by removing all toxins.  Wondering if you tried bentonite clay at all
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Hi Justincase_25, I'm having a fine weekend; hope you are as well.  Glad the Oxy Powder is working for you!  It's a powerful product.

I tried bentonite clay the first year I got PATM.  While I think it did get rid of some toxins, it didn't make much of a difference.  I also tried psyllium husk, and that didn't do anything.

You say that you are experiencing a lot of brain fog.  Can you tell me what your diet is like?  I mean, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  Just want to know if you might still be eating something you are not.  If you eat/drink something bad while taking the supplements, it will negate their effect.  The most important thing to avoid is sugar of course, so that means:

No table sugar (use stevia instead)
No fruit juices/soda/alcohol (just drink water)
No caffeine (it spikes blood sugar)
No cookies/cakes/other products with lots of added sugar (stick with almonds, raisins for snacks)
Avoid most fruits (they actually have a lot of natural sugar); pretty much the only safe ones are blueberries and raspberries
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One more thing -- avoid bleached food products (white rice, white bread, etc.)  Stick with only whole wheat bread and brown rice
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Hey hopeful12345.  

I am only eating these products:

Breakfast : 3 Cage free eggs served with a salad made of organic lettuce, organic tomatoes, and organic avocado.  Or , I just eat eggs and avocado.

Lunch: Either Grass free steak or no antibiotics ever, organic chicken with either organic brocoli, califlower, asparagus,  kale, spinach, a little tomatoe, or more avocado.   It all depends on my mood.  

Dinner is the same as lunch to be honest.  I haven't changed anything at all (because I already eat like this) , however,  the grass fed and organic chicken is new to my diet. I usually season with pink himalayan salt, pepper, oregano, tyme, and thats all.  Tons of water bottles in my house, but it could be the bpa in them ? Not sure if it's that since I go to the sauna everyday at LA Fitness,  and I of course see the horrible faces people make when I'm in the sauna.  

I haven't touched coffee, tea, alcohol,  sugar, wheat,  white, or any kind of grain for 3 weeks now.  

Just staying hopeful and patient as I figure out what's going on.  Also tried the dessicated beef liver pills,  and that didn't work or seem to reduce PATM reactions at all.  

Heading to the sauna now !  I'm about to run out of the Candida Cleanse from Purely Holistic.  Do you think I should purchase more , or should I wait it out to see if I need to rid my body of toxins ?!

Have a great weekend hoepful12345!!  Thanks for responding; it makes me feel like I'm not alone in this war LOL !
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Hey Justin, your diet sounds good.

I would consider buying one more bottle of the Candida Cleanse; it's a good idea to have it back-to-back to keep the momentum going.

I'm curious.  Has there been any decrease at all in the reactions since you started taking the supplements?  Also, are you still taking the brown rice powder?
Wasn't sure if you didn't see my other comment.  I have noticed a slight reduction in symptoms.   I don't know which one worked LOL idk if the quercetin,  brown rice powder, l glutamine,  or any of the other products I'm taking caused a reduction in PATM reactions.  

I will keep you posted on my cortisol levels and stuff.  I feel like I have adrenal fatigue.   That would make a lot more since,  however,  it would have to be a severe hormone inbalance since PATM LOL !

Have a great week hopeful12345 !
Is it working justin..your diet. Im getting stressed at work with people around me snifling, cough and saying their nosvitbitchy only when im around
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Additionally,  I'm using antibacterial soaps, no deodorant,  or shampoos at all.  
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Does it work
I haven't noticed an reduction in symptoms.   I will say that once I notice the reactions, I start to panic a little.  When I panic, the reactions INCREASE .  Strange notion, but that is what I've been experiencing.
If Soap and shampoo helps to sweat like Epsom Salt then it will definitely help. Any products that sucks out sweat will always be an advantage because they remove accumulating toxins on sweat glands.
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I've been doing a lot of research, and I've come up with a hypothesis.  I'm going to see an endocrinologist,  hopefully with the next week, to check my adrenal glands.  I have a lot of the symptoms , especially since I'm an RN LOL !!  THAT COULD BE THE ROOT OF IT ALL !!  Dealing with tramatic situations for 12-14 hrs a day can transgress to adrenal fatigue.  I did check my TSH levels,  and they were normal.   They might have gotten worse since I've lost my friends to the Orlando tragedy.   Additionally,  I had to treat the many of the victims,  which at that point overworked my adrenals.  Keeping you all updated !!!
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Sorry  for your  Loss justincase_25. Let us know what comes out of your endocrinologist  visit. Am also thinking  might be hormonal  issues too!
Thanks you so much!  I really appreciate that.  It is hard everyday for me, but I'm learning to cope without them :/. I went to the endocrinologist on Friday, and he is going to try injecting me with hormones.  I unfortunately don't remember which one because my brain was very foggy the entire time with the Dr.  I start the injections tomorrow to rule out adrenal fatigue.....I have all of the symptoms.   I started taking Stress Care from Vitamin Shoppe.....I believe its working .  I am tired and wired all of the time, and my body CRASHES everyday at 3pm LOL !  Some of my reactions are getting better.  People do still cough really bad, sneeze, and hold their breath when I'm near them .  However, their voices don't go away like they used to LOL !  I think it's strange that PATM has control over the trachea...idk...weird to think,  but it ***** for now.  

I'm about to meditate in my room right now.. Using lavender oil to ease my stresses as well.  

Hopeful12345, I am ordering more brown rice powder tomorrow when I get paid.  I have some more Candida Cleanse as well.  

Thanks everyoneand always remember to stay positive!  
Stay strong, and good luck!
Thanks  for the  update. I  will also talk to my doc about hormones next Tuesday.

And also, I use activia yogurt  after eating and thinking it helps  with  my digestion and I use therabreath mouth wetting  lozenges and I think it helps  too. I have had times that ppl  don't react  at all and those times  are always  sweet!

Just like  you in the health  field,  I am also a nursing  student  and for the past few months, I have been struggling because  of patm and am really sad about it because  I was not able to enjoy my beautiful  program.

But I know we  will get through  this thing!
To help with my patm induced IBS, I drank some kefir milk from "Greek Gods" .  I got it at our main grocery store here in Florida.   It was a SUCCESS when I combined it with the sacchromicches boulardi from Jarrow Formulas that Hopeful12345 suggested .  Try tat together and I believe you will have painful poops LOL !
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I've been dealing with this for about a year. I don't make too many people cough but I have symptoms of itchy eyes, nose, mouth area, ear, nape of neck, vaginal/rectal (sorry tmi). Before all of this started I was having a bit of abdominal discomfort ( sharp pains here and there)- but my ultrasound showed everything was fine. My labwork also shows that all as well. I can make people allergic to me from across a store or while driving I notice people having symptoms in their cars or even waiting at the crosswalk! Just the past few months I've noticed my pets getting itchy around me but once they settle down and go to bed they are fine. Same with my spouse. I wish there was a cure. My doctor said I was completely healthy so I'm debating whether or not to go in and ask for some diflucan (antifungal). Also, I read that some of us do not detox properly so it's either something releasing through our skin and while we breathe that makes us have patm. I read chlorella is good for detoxing metal as well as cilantro. ... And I also did that candida cleanse pill purely holistic and taking two a day for three days gave me horrible geez symptoms and since I was home alone I stopped taking them for precaution.

Everything was fine health wise but during a trip to Las Vegas last year I noticed the patm and then noticed it when I got back home and saw my family. People will get itchy and look at the area for a flea or what not or say that they don't know why their eyes are bothering them.
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Herx** not geez
Las Vegas may be the one to blame! My symptoms also started shortly after returning from a trip to Las Vegas. The city must be so rich in electromagnetic radiations as to disrupt our normal metabolism.
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Hi guys? is there anybody that can say he/she is completly cured. or are you guys just feeling better?
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I'm not cured at all.  I'm so glad everyone is joining this discussion !   To all of us, please stay strong and positive !!  I am currently at the doctors office where I will undergo the "cosyntropin stimulation " test.  If you aren't familiar with it, google has been a great help LOL !  In brief summary, this test only finds out if I have Addisons Disease or Cushings. .... (endocrine adrenal glands not fuctioning properly)

I found out that 100% of my symptoms are adrenal related.  I BARELY get any sleep, and I am always tired yet "wired" everyday.   If the endocrinologist says that I'm "healthy and 25 y/o" blah blah blah AGAIN, I will do the cortisol test.  

People don't understand that we come here because we NEED ANSWERS !  It ***** that people think that it's all in our head and we make this stuff up.  I have told a few people,  but they think it's all in my head.  

Last thing...I have noticed that when I'm stress free, my back doesn't hurt .  If I don't talk excessively in a room, there are  some slight reactions.  When I relax and use stress relief products from bath and body works, it seems to help my PATM reactions a little.  Just some food for thought :)  I have also noticed my cats reactions toward me and it hurts my soul .
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Im on lorapam n sleepib pills it is helping the stress but not the ppl around me. I feel like quitting work, my doctor cant find nothing. I get alotbof sinuses
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Do you mind telling us how long you have been taking these products?
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Anything working for you
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Hello to everyone!

I just wanted to keep you all updated that I am still going through this battle.  I read up on neurotransmitter imbalances and I'm not sure if that is the cause of the symptoms.  I believe leaky gut is the ROOT of it all.  Hopeful12345 hit it right on the money.  We have to heal our guts everyone!  

As much as I LOVE alcohol and marijuana, I have to stop it.  I will say that the reactions have not ruined my life. Some people find out that it is me, especially at work and bars/clubs/restaurants.  All I have to say is keep your head STRONG.  Understand that this is a long battle and we will overcome this horrible fight!  

If any of  you are feeling down or suicidal, PLEASE reach out to me.  I have felt feelings of doom lately as well as dark thoughts.  I understand and I am here for you all.  

Best of luck to you all!

Justin Case
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Glad you are keeping a positive head, Justin!  We're all rooting for you!  Grateful2011 has had some success with the Brown Rice Protein Powder.  If you are still taking it but not seeing much change, I suggest you do the following:  

--Use a mug/glass
--Pour water in first
--Put two spoonfuls of the powder in (instead of one)
--Mix thoroughly
--Drink this once a day (each morning before breakfast)

I think it's best to put it in water because there's no other ingredients to distract from the product.  And two spoons create a thicker mix that is more potent for solving leaky gut.

Continued wishes for progress!
I tried the candida diet, supplements..I sick all thevtime. So sick of this
URGENT: Google - solving leaky gut Steven Wright
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Hopeful12345, when do I take the probiotics?   I feEl like every time I do the Oxy powder, it gets rid of the little good critters.  Not sure how true that is.  I just need your advice again!  I just bought some more brown rice powder.  I did buy some max amino caps from the vitamin store which had the same 20 amino acids in it.  No improvements yet, but I'm staying HOPEFUL!! :)

To withdrawnupnorth,  stay positive.   Don't give up !  You got this.  I understand the hard struggle that this is.  It literally is a horrible battle,  but you will come up on top.  Follow the leaky gut diet if the candida diet isn't working.   I'm really going crazy because I miss bread, chips,  pasta, ALL CARBS LOL !  Just stay with it.   We got this!

Have a good weekend everyone!
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Im doing the candi.gone cleansing,
No oxy powder or brown rice protein powder I dont know if I shud buy it if its not working. I am going by leaky gut.  So hardvto keep track whats working for everyone. One person said hes cured with oxy powder n brown rice protein but cant get yhat here. Trying candigone n my headaches n sinus is finally gone. But still gettingvreactions at work..freaken depressed nothing working.
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Hey justincase_25, I usually take probiotics on an empty stomach (usually first thing in the morning) so that they face no competition from food.  I never took them at the same time as antifungals (usually took them at least 3-4 hours apart) because they kill good bacteria as well as bad.  I am not aware of any issue with taking probiotics as the same time as Oxy Powder, because Oxy Powder is really just magnesium and oxygen.
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Hey man,
I'm a 19 yr old male from Toronto and I had a very similar story. Did you find that you took antibiotics beforehand? That seemed to start everything for me. I'm also on the same supplements and nothing seems to be improving. Good to see you have a positive mindset, letting this illness take control can drive you crazy. I saw something mentioning a blood transfusion as a potential cure and I was wondering if you could maybe look into that because you work at a hospital. This seems to be our best bet at this point. I have followed the forum every day for about a year, and I can't seem to find anything that helps too much. I'm also under the impression that EMF has something to do with it.

Anyways, all the best man. Hopefully you find something that works for you!
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