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PATM is wierd. Does any one else Ignite (amplify) odors smell.

Its like i make any one elde who is in contact with me smell worse unbelievable. now they ate avoiding me
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YES I DO!!It's tremendously embarassing..
Do you increase the room temprature you are in
YES.I work in a bar and I stand all day near fridges and glasswashers(a nightmare itself lol)
Once I leave the bar for a short time and come back,the bar is fresher.I also cause people to feel warm or hot nearby me,as long as smelly-itchy-nervous
Thats exactly what i have :( Oh my God what the F. is this thing. are we Just gonna live with it For the Rest of  Ourlivess :(
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Thats exactly what i have :( Oh my God what the F. is this thing. are we Just gonna live with it For the Rest of  Ourlivess :(
I HAVE NO IDEA.I honestly think is related to a toxic mould exposure...I dont have any other explanation
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Does anybody fog up windows when they get into a vehicle? I remember when I was going to college, I would carpool with two friends and I remember one of them saying that I would always fog up the windows when I got into his car.  Weird.

Right now the majority of the reactions I get are from my breath or when I go to the bathroom to relieve myself or after having sex.

Hi ray2502 :),

Right after I got sick with PATM I used to fog up bathroom mirrors and changing room mirrors, haven't had that in a while (also used to see this weird pattern like a spiderweb in the mirror fog but I am pretty sure that was my mind playing tricks).

This was back when I still thought I had some smell in my clothes and I did not realize that PATM follows me everywhere.

The smaller the space and the poorer the ventilation the worse the reactions are.
Yes!!! I know exactly what you're talking about with the spider-web pattern. In high-school I used to get into car-pools and the windows would fog up with that weird pattern. It was wierd enough for me to take notice, but I can't find anything online about it.
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It is possible the thing that we release is Powerfull and i personally tend to Stuff the air of a whole room or car like its hard to breathe.
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