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PATM what we know so far(with odours)

This is for people with Patm with odours

What we know so far is the starter symptom is usually within the gut
In the form of Sibo, H Pylori infection Candida possibly
Leaky gut

Most people with PATM with odours have tested positive for either Hydrogen or Methan SIBO, however there is a 3rd type called Hydrogen Sulfide SIBO which their is no test for however rotten egg smelling gas is a good indicator

Because of this, we have poor gut motility causing our bodies to not be able
To absorb vitamins and nutrients properly
We cannot digest food as easily either
And have deficiencies in a lot of things when it eventually reaches the patm stage
In term our body suffers and suffers and is now in this PATM state
Patm itself is not a gas or smell, it can go over the phone, through windows, through walls into cars
It is more than likely some IONs firing from our brains.
There is a pyscological side to this as when we are stressed or in a bad environment patm will be worse, also when we’re anxious we sweat more which brings out the gasses circulating in our blood stream

This is cureable, DIET and supplements is important, there is so much information out there and the awnser has been sitting in front of us for so long, most of us got SIBO or H pylori or a parasite from a case of food poisoning. Food poisoning damages the function in the small intestine where a wave sweeps through and clears out bacteria and other foreign objects which are meant to be there. SIBO has been in us and has gradually been depleting our nutrients. Good luck, we’re on the way to finding out exactly what this is soon.

Remember this is for PATM with odours only
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Just received my SIBO breath test result today and it's high in methane. But I don't think SIBO is the root cause, I guess there is something else causing the SIBO.

Maybe some dysfunction of the migrating motor complex. Maybe a virus that damages nerves. I often have twitching muscles on legs and arms.
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The twitching is from deficiencies food poisoning I turned damaged the migrating motor complex which in turn causes sibo
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