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I’ve had PATM since 2015, I’ve tried so many supplements and diets and nothing has worked.
The first time I remember something was off/happening a family member came over with his wife for
Dinner and his wife coughed the whole dinner, I really thought nothing of it. Then that weekend I went to a
Funeral for a relative who had passed I remember feeling very hot/sweaty and this was unusual and people in church
Were coughing and clearing there throats. I thought nothing of it but felt like I was causing this,  at first I thought it was
My breath people at work would sometimes cover there nose when I spoke. I would ask close colleagues and they said my breath was fine. I sat in a cubicle at the time people across the room would sneeze, cough, clear there throats aggressively
I worked in a office with about 15 people, so these things I started to notice. I learned to just go about my day but every cough , sneeze clearing of throat, scratching made me  feel so depressed I would avoid elevators at work and take the steps, just to avoid people. Something’s I noticed were that the people who I was close with did not react to me friends, wife, mother, father, brother, sister. I take that back I would say not as much or hardly at all. It’s 2022 and I still have this going on, I know some people say it’s from  mold, bad gut, parasites, candidiasis , ammonia from breath and skin. The question I have is this. My job requires me to be on the phone let’s say 2 to 3 hours out of the day and also weekly team conference call via Skype. People do react to me over the phone, when you have this you know a reaction from a regular cough,sneeze or clearing of throat. You just do! When on the phone people will clear there throats, no sneezing and not much coughing but it has happened. On Skype calls same thing but all of the above and even when I am on mute. This happens it’s crazy I wish someone knew a real cure. It still happens when I go out as well, what I have noticed lately however is when people look at me they instantly touch there face or rub/scratch there hair this can be 10 or 20 ft away it’s like my presence does this. Just thought I’d share, first time posting but have been looking on this site for a cure since 2016. Still hoping and praying for it!!!
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I think I have found out what is causing my PATM. I haven't had any reactions from anybody and it feels great. Still waiting to see if it comes back but its been two weeks and no reactions.
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Hi Ray, that's fantastic news you haven't had any reactions! What do you think is causing your PATM? I hope you continue to have no reactions
Hi hask100,
For me, it’s definitely the gut microbiome. My tongue was white as snow . I would have to use a tongue cleaner which helped but not 100%. I started researching the different cooking oils like seed, corn, peanut, canola, grape seed, vegetable oils. They had one thing in common, they were all extremely refined and were not what their names imply. They are probably in 90% of the food we eat and they cause inflammation the the gut. They also release free radicals throughout our bodies. I use olive oil or avocado oil.
Once I cut out all the bad oils, I started feeling better but not 100% PATM free until I started using activated you. A morning dietary supplement that contains prebiotic’s, probiotics and green superfoods. That has been a life changer for me. It has a 90 day money back guarantee . Great stuff, I noticed results immediately.
Ray if it helps anything. I’ve had PATM for a very long time. Probably twenty years.

I recently found out I have a blocked IC valve because of polyps and a fissure in my intestines. I believe Hydrogen Sulfide SIBO and leaky gut is the main culprit causing histamines to be released.

If you’d like to compare notes let me know and I can give you my info.
ray!! I remember you from 2018. i still suffer with PATM but i am also recently seeing progress. something that really helped my inflammation and PATM was Champex deodorex from iherb website. It's a medicinal mushroom, I dug around and found studies done on the extract. We're on the right track: )
Interesting Killthecough, I recently had a colonoscopy and everything was normal according to GI doctor. Don’t know if they go that far back to check IC valve. Will need to confirm with doctor on that one.

I think SIBO is definitely a major cause and it will take a long time to repopulate our guts with the right balance of good bacteria.
Great to hear about that mushroom extract yikesyowza. Will check into it.
Considering surgery to remove the Polyp mass but they would have to remove the IC valve and cause chronic *****. Also a chance things go bad and sepsis and or colostomy bag. I’m going to look into natural ways to get rid of polyps first before considering surgery.

I can confirm I also have white tongue and PATM reactions seem to be worse when there is build up on the tongue like many others here.

Hoping I can get some relief in this lifetime. It’s been a long mentally debilitating road.

Good luck.  
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You are not alone my friend !
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