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PRP facial and PATM

So I did the facial plasma about 3 weeks ago where they draw your blood, centrifuge it and then inject your platelets I believe  all over your face. It’s supposed to plump your face, and that’s why I wanted to try it. But I realized that it kind of helped with PATM. It’s not fully resolved. But my PATM has decreased dramatically. I’m going to do a few more treatments and I’ll update you guys.
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Interesting, do you have or had acne on your face? When I wash my face I can smell something really bad which I always thought is related to PATM because the smell was not there before PATM.

I  have bad acne that I swear started getting worse when PATM started.
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Oh that’s interesting, No i do not suffer from acne and I never have. I also don’t suffer from bad breath or anything smelly.
Guys, this PRP facial has definitely helped with PATM. People that are typically allergic to me at work, are not allergic to me. I hear less coughing, less congestion. I know I’m not going crazy. I’m getting another treatment in 2 weeks.  I wish I knew exactly why treatment has been the most effective for my PATM. I think my platelets thats being injected in my face  is helping regenerate my the cells in my blood which is decreasing people’s symptoms towards me. I’ll keep updating you guys. But I’m so much happier now. I’m feeling more confident in my own skin. I was just at a wedding and no one was reacting towards me. I was able to confidently speak to people face to face. It’s truly a miracle that this procedure has been helping my PATM, something I never thought would help with that. The treatment costs $200, which is kind of expensive but for me it’s well worth it. It also brightens and plumps your skin.
stay happy and don't look back.    
Hi FindaCure1111,

Awesome to hear that PRP works on your PATM. Something with blood cells could make sense because there was an old post about blood transfusion curing PATM a long time ago?

I wish you the best and thank you for keeping us updated!
I do not have any acne. I do not have any faults in the skin, it is more, most of the PATMers have thin skin and even appear to be younger. That's what I take out of a publication that is exposed. (I can not pull links by this means)
It may be that the treatment indicated by "FindaCure1111" works, but acne is very different, unless the PATM effect differs in some people since we are not all equal. Anyway, it would not be bad to test if this has its effect.
I think it’s just because they take out blood , the other day I had a general check up where they took a lot of blood from me and my patm was reduced for one - two days
I’ve gotten blood work done many times and i never noticed a reduction in symptoms. Only when I get my period is when I really notice, But when I got this facial done,  My symptoms were extremely reduced that I almost thought I was cured but it was only for a good 3 weeks. It’s coming back again but it did make my skin look beautiful so I will go for another treatment just for that.
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This procedure uses your own platelets hence won't work and end up with yeast on your face in long term beware
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Be careful here where I live just recently a place that did that was close due to risk of  HIV and the person doing it was unlicensed.
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Wow, that’s crazy! I made the lady label my blood tubes..but I can see that happening if the tech doesn’t pay attention. I was honestly terrified about that happening.
If you don't mind me asking, why did you decide to do that ,you're young. did you think it would help with  patm cause there was a partmer (don't remember name) who mentioned that he doctor made him try different things and the only thing that helped was a blood transfusion. He was obviously not in the states for a doctor to do that .I do believe blood may have something to do with it .By the way I praise you for being able finish a career with this condition,I couldnt,hopefully the mebo research will come with something so we could try to get our life back. And I understand is hard but in the work environment you're in its easy  since most people are sick anyways so most won't think you're causing their reaction even if you spend a lot of time around them so you shouldn't worry too much on that one.
Hey aquafina331,
I didn’t realize you had written back to this post so sorry for getting back to you this late. Thank you for your sweet comment. It’s been a rough ride for me and I’m sure for many of us. I decided to do the PRP facial because I’m obsessed with all things beauty. I really make a huge effort to take care of myself. My best friend had gotten it done. She’s the same age as me and I saw how beautiful her skin looked so I decided to do it as well! It’s really hard working as a nurse especially with this conditiom and I also work with staff so I make the majority of them sick with “allergies”. It’s not fun at all. I’ve lost my voice because I’ve noticed that the more I talk the worse it gets so I really try to stay silent when I’m around people so that the reactions don’t get worse.  I work at 2 different hospitals and at the pediatric hospital which is only part time, is much tougher to work at because the babies seem to be more sensitive to me. I honestly shock myself at how hard I work while having this condition but I like to live comfortably and I also live in new York. New York is expensive and that’s what pushes me to keep going. I have bills to pay and I have to continue saving for my future. But I go home every night sad, and some days I’ll even cry myself to sleep because PATM really does affect you mentally. I don’t go out anymore. I’m not social anymore. I rather stay home and not deal with the anxiety of possibly giving people allergies if I were to go out. So just because I work at a hospital doesn’t make it easier for me because I also work side by side with staff and I get them sick. They’ve never accused me of making them sick but it’s so obvious that they’re always suffering from allergies when I’m around. I also brush my teeth like 10 times during my shift. And people know that I do that because they always say i smell like tooth paste. One of the custodians came up to me and asked why I always brush my teeth? I told him I have OCD. He doesn’t even work on my unit, he usually passes by to inspect the unit to see if my housekeeper is doing her job. So it’s reallt funny that he notices it. I asked him how did he know I brush my teeth a lot and he said “because you always smell like toothpaste lol “. Someone really needs to make a PATM conference. I would def go to it.
If u r a nurse -- u already know to wash your hands extra due to the yeast -- just reminder
After brushing teeth --- from saliva
Interesting, and none of the doctors or other nurses have come up to you and made any type of comment or noticed anything. And usually people don't step-up and say something directly, I know with me I would notice indirect comments or maybe,sing the meow meow song when passing by me or some other cat comment .  By the way worries about the delay.
None of the doctors or nurses has ever said anything to me directly or indirectly. I only told 3 of my coworkers who’s Im extremely close to and they used to think I was craZy for thinking that. Out of the 3 that i told, only 1 of my coworkers are allergic and the other 2 aren’t. No one will understand unless they have the condition of theyre literally in my shoes. They don’t see what I see and one of my coworkers tells me to try and block it out of me head when I notice that someone is allergic to me because they’ll never think it’s me. It took me awhile for me to convince them that I’m not crazy. They dont 100% agree I’m the cause of peoples allergies but they do listen to what I have to say.  
It's So frustrating,I know for sure it is happening and it's not mentally, and at first I tried to get out of my head but can't help to notice the sniffles as soon as people are around me. It might be hard diagnose this condition,for the fact that there is no smell
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helpsavemykids is signing off for a while.  hopefully I'll be back.  I do now know everyone here does not have the same thing.  
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