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Patm inquiry

Hello, is anyone interested in having a discussion regarding patm to explore and learn about what could be causing this?

Some points I’d like to touch on are

1. How did it begin? Where did it start? Whats its origin?
2. Have you experienced fluctuations? Has it been better, has it been worse?
3. What do you think is causing this?
4. How are you coping with it?

Reach me at (707) 242-9619, your answers can be as long as you want, i will patiently wait.

Lastly, id like to extend an invitation to meet up with anyone in the los angeles area thats going through this. Im curious to see if we experience the same reactions as others.
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I think people are allergic to me. Patm. But not thru phones thats just crazy. People in close contact get some type of aggravation. Thats how. Not thru phones or computers.  Slow down . get a doctor to help you.
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How about doing a Zoom meeting? Is anyone interested in doing one?
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I would do a zoom meeting
Let's try to get a couple more people on board. I know of a couple of others who I believe would be willing to join in.
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I must be inside their head. They wanted to get personal . covid19 put me inside their head.  I must be as clever as a cia operative. If they retreat after the pandemic is over I will not be just anybody.  Covid19 worked in my favor . I will go on the offense thru the courts . ill get a private investigator. I would have been the predator "wolf". How can they let down their country . nobody wins.
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So im new to this forum and it seems that you cant edit posts, if you reach out pls text.
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Patm started with a excessive consumption of fast food followed by sleeping and refusing to vomit. I blame the usa its fast food industry. Its addictive to the point people can be hostile. I recommend fasting a little every day I recommend plenty of sleep. Good nights rest. I recommend plenty of bottled water . clean breezy cotton out fits. Basketball. Well balanced meals. Its bacteria overgrowth . balance it harmonize tolerate. Look for peace. Stay away from police fbi cia sherrifs. Theyll say you hurt babys and begin to open an investigative case against you. If you havent been detected get plenty of sleep . They wont let you have any and if you land inside a jail they will open another in vestigation against you in there. They will operate against you inside.They want a clean country. Suicide but they wont admit its what they shoot for. Dont suicide theyre fools . they should never use tanks to kill mosquitos. I got over ten agents operating against me 24/7. Good luck. Tell others . I had to move to mexico and live of my parents. I was a state track running qualificant and c student. Now im 38 living in a house my granpa left . I resided only in Iowa.
A usa agent follows me to my home country of mexico. He intends to get revenge or justice or whatever you want to call it.  He swears my patm detremented a community of Iowa. He has collected over a million dollars of pay from the goverment to bring me to justice. What a looser he turned out to be considering the corona virus is spreading all over the usa by americans themselves. He thinks his that worthy. I love it because his crew is spending cash in my little hometown. Theres about five on ground agents carefully driving. Continually around my house. Its been over ten years of him. So does anyone think he will eventually stop call it off. Im an unemployed average mexican that cant be extradited. The guy wants me to backlash at his agents so the city cops can get involved. There is no jail in this little town. Im more than willing to see a judge.  I believe hes got no evidence just what he saw. Which was an increase of gastritis cases. These judges are used to drug dealers. So you people see what type of american he is. Hes a foolish idiot. Theyre bitter. They want eye for an eye. Im a debut christian. Hes gonna have to be there another 10 yrs. Any advice or motivation is welcomed. Join me lets shame them. He had me sorrounded and I got under his skin by adding fuel to the fire.  I have awakened a sleeping giant. I dont even own a bike. The guy thinks he is the best. He is the best at ripping off the goverment . In this case nobody wins because of covid19. My patm  doesnt contaminate the food supply. I worked in the little pig farms of america. The death penalty is outlawed in this country. Im feeble. Whats he going to prove. He is bitter. Keep buying our local tacos and chiken ,just remember nobody wins. Does anybody here have a different opinion. How can he be so unpatriotic. He is ripping off the goverments . Head quarters feels its not. Can somebody explain that.
There is nobody following you, paranoia is just an end-stage symptom of this disease.

Try using supplements that repair the nervous system, Hericium Erinaceus, Centrophenoxine, Nervonic acid.
Interesting input, I too believe that PATM and community policing/gang stalking might be linked some how
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