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Possible Breath Biopsy Service in the UK!?

Hi guy's! Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year. I'm a newish member to this community. Another sufferer of this horrible PATM condition. Currently back at work and making everyone lives in the office unbearable! Today has been one of those really bad days where I have been affecting people so badly and the office feels like it literally has zero oxygen what so ever!! I seem to be one of the patmers who is allergic to themselves. Very dry and sore throat, red stinging eyes, so much phlegm, stuffy nose etc the list goes on!! As per a lot of the people on this forum I have literally tried every sort of supplement with very little success. I can't bare to think the amount of money I have spent trying to find a magical pill to sort this nightmare out! It was such a relief to find out about this forum and find other people who are having the same problems as me. It was also a relief to find out about the Japanese Doctor who performed a Gas Breath Biopsy on a patient who was complaining about a strange 'burnt smell', 'old house smell'. It was very interesting to see what was found from the breath test and that there is some sort of out of the ordinary VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) that we are emitting. It just proves that we are not all going mad and that we are actually releasing some sort of VOC that is affecting others. It's such a shame that the Japanese Doctor doesn't evaluate on what medication was prescribed to the patient. It could help a lot of us out! Although I have been doing some research on trying to find a place that would be able to do a similar test in the UK (also in the USA it seems) This breath gas test seems to be the only real test that has brought up complications in our breath and clothes etc. I am going to try and email the company tonight and find out some more information and costs. I'm sure it's going to be really expensive, so I just want to make sure that it will be beneficial before I commit. I will probably have to sell my car to achieve this!! :( But I think it will be worth the money, if it will prove to a Doctor that there is something not right. Here is the link and if anyone decides to try it before I do, or if anyone can afford it, please let me know or at least put there results up here for everyone to see! That would be great. I will also do the same if I decide to go for the test. I really hope that this type of test will be the way forward in finding out what is causing this horrible problem.

Cheers guys! And always stay strong! That's the only thing we can do! :)
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Welcome hask100 and thank you for sharing, my experiences / conditions to yours are very similar.  The one thing that is skeptical about it being something breath related is that it goes over the phone, many of us have acknowledged this is the case.  

I too have tried all the different supplements mentioned here with no help.  Hopefully selling your car doesn't put you in a place where transportation becomes difficult, if it does I wouldn't go for the breath test, just fight through this BS, at least you'll have your car. I too have hyperhidrosis and randomly get hot flashes.  My phlegm, eyes and chest aren't as bad as your, nor do I have fingernail infection.  I'm with you on the feeling tired part too unless I get 10-12 hours of sleep.  My tongue is also white (oral thrush).

Stay strong, wishing all PATM members the best!
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Do not eat fried chicken, chicken wings or any chicken cook in restaurant  it contain (yeast) seasoning it is in bread too.
Avoid lectin it is in some vegetable
Avoid sugar, avoid milk,coffey any man made product.
No cheese, no corn, no beef, no pizza.
Eat salad with little dressing
Cook your chicken (plain) soup with vegetables or fried with coconut or olive oil.
Brown rice or millet are awesome.
Hot Almond coconut milk is awesome.
The infection will desapear slowly youll see the diference in 3 weeks it takes a lot of patience.
Once you achieve it you will turn in to a superman again going everywhere and standing inside stores feeling confident of yourself!
Dont give up time to get rid of the out of control thing
Brown rice/ millet /buckwheat must be cook with water only

Dont expect a magical pill so all you eat will be your system correction
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Hi, did you do it? That diet is difficult to maintain, there are also discussions in the Lecithin diet, there is no clear guide. You practically eliminate everything that a man needs to be disbursed every day, with the anti-lecithin diet of malnourished vulelves. It is as if I complained. How long is the diet maintained or is it temporary until PATM is eliminated? I had never tried that diet, I tried others such as vegan, antihistamine, etc .. none worked, this lecithin did not know. Greetings.
Currently, compared to a year ago I am better, about 2 years ago I wanted to kill because the PATM effect was exaggerated, now it was reduced a little, not to say 50%, this disappears when I am relaxed, and returns or worsens when I am anxious stressed, but already compared to before is reduced. I do not have a special diet more than the common one, as of everything, that if, always or almost always I remain positive, I do not renounce or I do not get sad as before, etc.
Stress makes this stronger unfortunately,  dont see it as a diet if you have a white coated tongue think as a healthy lifestyle
After 1 month of healthy lifestyle you must consume natural antifungals you can get fluconazole in other countries without prescription.
You will be reqquired to eat healthy for the rest of your life .

I did it  just want to share.. so easy

Fermentation in the gut for some of us is not happening so in order to brake down lectin your gut must have healthy fermentation process of what we eat.

I eat lectin but in moderate amounts the point is stop consuming refine carbs/sugar and chemicals
Try to realize what foods are ofensive to you, including amount.
Take note of your meals and youll find the avoid foods.

Deluxe breakfast from mcdonal clearly is to avoid   cause makes patm high for 2 days

Silverdiner quinoa pancakes are good the price is high but they are ok.. but dont overeat
Send a utor or title of the diet without lecithin, there is no fixed one, some say one and others the other, many articles mention that there is nothing deeply studied about the lecithin diet, it would be good to expand on it.
Healthy saved food increases lecithin? For example, when I only carry boiled chicken meat and I also carry cucumbers and other vegetables to prepare at work, I would only have saved meat. Because I think that my diet will be only Chicken and Pesaco meat and boiled veal and as green a salad as possible or a vegetable soup. There is not much information about the diet without lecithin as I emphasized above. Thank you.
Theres no lectin diet,  patm in my case started after 5 month of antibiotic, 80 hours of work weekly during nighttime and a lot of junk food.
Lectin is not the point, the point is dysbiosis and candida  how to clean out the digestive tract and heal the gut.
  I wish i could eat as anyone, seat down at popeyes and enjoy  but it is what it is.
Just start eating healthy and you will see the change
Finally what is the problem? At least put a diet right? You say you have to reduce lecithin and now you say it's candida. Many made candida diet and cleaning, here in the forum there are writings where they did not find the candida diet. My question I think is clear; Type of diet (which refers first to the reduction of lectin and esad ieta is not yet studied nor is there a safe reference since there is a lot of discussion ...) according to you, ...... I was almost half a year with the diet of candidasis where I ate green leaves salad and chicken and fish meat and occasionally eggs, brown rice, always eating coconut milk and flax, did not give me any results. My Patm started when I finished my TB treatment (tuberculosis), about 3 years ago, I did eat fast because I had a lot of occupation, never exaggerated in antibiotics, never, even when here in the forum many were tortured taking antibiotics starting their systems digestive because it is something obvious, antibiotics are taken with moderation and doctor's guidance, the antibiotic kills all the intestinal flora ...... even so they did it to supposedly eliminate the PATM, but nothing, they returned with other diseases included Candida, Candida enters when antibiotics are abused and before the immune system deficiency ................ That is obvious, so never abuse antibiotics. So, if it is not too much to ask, I would like you to expose the more detailed diet of what led to the elimination of PATM.
****! That days when physian asked me ....you dont have to take medication it is your choice for TB too and i said yes i want to take the medication for about 3-4 month.
That was me hanging out everywhere with no patm
As soon after treatment my body changed, then patm
I will post what i usually eat later.
First thing you must do is flush/clean out your digestive tract you do have rotten organic matter stuck/ the aftermatter of candida and bad bacteria.
You can eat gold or diamonds but if your digestive tract is dirty you will have patm.
The laxative special laxative i posted several month ago.
step 1 at morning blender/juicer  potato and pineapple  get the juice  get rid of the fiber, make about 12 oz and then mix with half cup olive oil then 30 minutes later drink magnesia phillips 1/4 cup add water. 

make hen broth/soup  add little salt or add any vegetable dont add pasta or dont add artificial chicken soup seasoning
get the hen in giant or safeway   when the laxative makes effect drink the warm  broth/soup during the day as needed  dont drink it hot or cold. 
note this is a strong laxative if you already have an organ damaged dont do it. 

this laxative will take out all the rotten stuff in your small intestine

the day after dont eat sweets gmo or anything artificial 
good luck
You say take Milk of Magnesia which is recommended only for those who do not have ulcers and other digestive problems, on the other hand you mention that PATm is candiday that our intestinal walls are damaged and dirty, in that logic your recommendation to drink milk of magnesia not It makes sense that if the PATM is that then everyone should have the digestive system perforated and damaged, so the magnesia salt would not be recommended at all. You say many things that could be the solution according to you or that you already did it but when exposing you fall into incoherence .....
I am a healthy guy so i took  1/4 cup of magnesia phillips, if you read the label you will now if you can take it or not.
Dont consume if you have kidney problem, health condition ask your doctor.
Most people here is very healthy if you are a weak person reduce the dosis.
   Look i adviced and posted my solution since 2018 if you take a look at my posted comments.
A few guys also found out and they posted 1 guy said he only ate brown rice and chicken religiously for 2 years he is cured.
  It takes time and patience to correct the gut.
  I suffered patm, it is hell living to be in a room with people, people walking behind you, people laughing and humiliate
Fading between 4 walls feeling impotence you can not defend yourself cause it is patm and there is no logic.

You want to try ok! If not so keep looking for the magical pill  you will age as other guys did here in medhelp and still strugglin with patm  looking for a cientific answer and spending their money with doctors
Milk of magnesia can cause diarrhea. I really think you are trying to be funny
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Let us know if they respond. How long have you had patm ? And how do people react to you? You say you suffer as well, it’s all day long ?
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