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hydrogen sulfide, H2S.seems the gas from our body.

the charcteritics of H2S is very likely the bad smell from our body.

smelly egg ,burnt smell,let people sneeze,cough,etc.

if gas H2S run into air,then will changed like above appearance.

how gas H2S made in our body?
H2S is anaerobism.I guess germ and food in wrong place worked.some food has sulfur element.germ in our intestines,has many deffdrent kinds,who knows.

even if we ignore how H2S made in our body,
the charcteritics of H2S is also very like the gas around us.
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all right,let's have a look at what's the charcteritics of H2S.

1,when H2S smells like a smelly egg or pickled cabbage.people much probability would not cough,sneeze.

at the moment gas H2S is not irritant gas.because if the gas smell like bad egg.according tothe charcteritics of H2S.it means very low concentration.

2,when we see people around us cover their nose,cough,it very likely the smell is not bad egg.usually it is thrill.so people is not comfortable.
in this situation,it means the concentration  of H2S  is ligher than bad egg.

3,some of patmers and their fami ly members,they lose the ability to smell wired gas from themselves.why ?maybe because the gas H2S palsy their olfactory nerve.

all above 1.2.3 is the chemical characteristics of H2S.

why we only can send out one semll at one moment?not two smell or more at one moment?

i guess the smell we send out is always gas H2S.

different smell meams difderent concentration.
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It may or may not be, there are studies on hyperhidrosis where in a treatment it is recommended to use specific soaps and antiperspirants or specific perfumes, basically what happens there is that the skin flora is altered, these same by feeding on the remains of our dead cells in our Chemicals are released from the skin, these bacteria reproduce more when the climate is good and hyperhidrosis helps that. These bacteria are or live in the part of the breasts to a lesser degree and more than anything in the armpits, pubic genital parts with hair, also in the feet where there are hairs there in the part near the nails, these bacteria reside more where they exist beautiful. On the other hand there are also the skin bacteria of the scalp that generates dandruff, these feed on the bait just like the previous one, they can also get out of control, both bacteria generate gases such as ammonia, sulfur etc... For the first bacteria if they out of control there are no cures other than treatments to reduce among them is the use of ventilated breathable cotton clothes, sunbathing clothes well when washing, antiseptic soaps... or surgery as well as laser surgeries, botox injection, etc. For the scalp it seems to me that there are cures where for x time they recommend a certain shapoo with x characteristics.... The topic is broad, but I could summarize that.
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it can be gas yes or no, however much it may be there are many questions that are not answered if it were gar, the speed with which it spreads, the power it has, if it is lethal or not and if it were how we live with it, How our body can generate such a powerful gas that reaches up to meters away that not even a disposed body reaches so much and so fast, among other questions that do not fit. Is there a bad smell or no smell? is it odorless? So many questions.
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I personally think that patm is split up into 2 different gasses the one that makes people throat and nose irritated, and the one that makes people sneeze and get runny noses. I think this because for some reason right now people dont get a runny nose or even sneeze and its mostly irritation to their nose and throat. I will post something later in the day about patm and i will explain what i think it is. I think that its kinda like a perfume.
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Or it could just means people react differently
No because sometimes my hair has a squeaky film on it and when it does then most people have runny noses and when the film is gone and my hair feels matte then more people will clear their throats and its the same people getting different reactions depending on what happens.
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