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After years of ineffectual struggle with this curse, I’m starting to believe this hell is going to last forever. I’m only 17 now. What happens when I grow up? How am I going to deal with job interview? University? Social life? I’m going to be rejected, humiliated and isolated as always. everyone will try to get rid of me, that limits my life so much.  For example, bank security guard didn’t let me in, while he let in others. It obviously means he did that only because I stink. Some teachers avoid me, they don’t want to conduct extra curriculums, so they pretend they are busy. Such things happen now and will happen in the future, and it’s going to be way more difficult, like eviction, etc. It humiliates and limits me. I almost feel like I’m a disabled person with limited opportunities. it’s so painful.
Regarding job, okay, I might study and work online. But what kind of life it is? Imagine staying home for the rest of your life, studying home and working home. Completely alone, with no friends. I know I’d still have my parents, the only close people, but what happens when they die? I’m going to be so damn alone and isolated. No parents, no friends (online pals don’t count), no spouse, no kids. Just staying home 24/7 and working. This makes me rapidly become depressed and suicidal. I just don’t know if it’s possible to be happy with such condition.                             Sorry for complaining.
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1: Kill yourself for good.
2: accept your condition and look for ways, study online, get fully into your subject, reinforce your mind with stop expecting things acceptance applause from the other etcs. Get out of your head that of; Being happy next to, in any case, anyone in their good sense of balance knows that happiness is within one and not next to the other, okay, we are social beings, but, we have a condition which should to take you to be the most independent, investment of economy, savings, buy a house away, live alone peacefully if possible with all current technologies, dedicate yourself to study ...... so many things, and you there complaining about how it will be? , I understand your age, but I also have to tell you that because we are in a reality that limits you, but also leads you to seek other paths.
change routines, exercise, try to eat healthy, study .........
At least, it helped me to be or try to be as relaxed as possible, I would say that my PATM effect was under 50%, I am still going down, but that at a constant effort, try to eat normally, try not to stress too much for my condition, accept my condition, get out of the previous routine, try to eliminate my panics of fear in certain circumstances, etc .....
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How do you know the PATM is under 50%?
It is relative, there is no exact measurement, but I think about it this way: When I found out that I had PATM, a few weeks later, I could not even circulate quietly on the street normally, the coughs, throat clearing, spitting, runny nose and others, were constant and followed in the people that surrounded me, however, after that moment, where I even thought about killing myself because I could not bear it anymore, well, I began to carry out many diets, none of them helped me specifically, then I said; to hell with everything. From there, I began to try to be more relaxed, I went out a little more, etc. Notice that sometimes they don't even feel it. For that very reason this is not really understood about PATM, nobody has a study, nobody has a truth, it is not known if it is gas that we love or that .......
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