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Peripheral Arterial Disease

My hands and feet swell extremely if a little warm and if cold, go purple and numb with extreme pain. My right leg gets a burning then stabbing pain from walking and both feet burn, to a degree, where I am unable to have the pressure of a sheet on them.  My feet must hang over the edge of the bed when sleeping.  I have had an operation on the right pulse of my wrist, as my hand and arm swelled abnormally, with no blood reaching the fingers.  My hands are becoming very "clumsy" when tackling everyday tasks and pain is experienced in the hand and up the arm.  An orthapaedic surgeon sent me for tests (not sure what they're called) but resulted in the diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease.  I have never consumed alcohol in my life, eat very healthily (not enjoying sweet treats)am type 2 diabetic, have inherited cholestral, am 5kg overweight and a light smoker. I suffer with extreme intense recurring episodes of pain and pressure at the base of my skull and in the mastoid bones. (doctors keep treating me for mastoidits) My lymph glands become very swollen too, all of which leaves me totally unable to function for at least two weeks of every month.  I am desperate to find a solution to assist with an improved quality of life.  Your suggestion and advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you
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You posted your comment in the Peripheral Nerve Hyperexcitability (PNH) Community, which is nothing at all related to Peripheral Arterial Disease.  You won't find answers here...
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My apologies
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