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Are wolf hybrids safe pets?

What are the Pros as well of the Cons of owning a wolf hybrid?  This is for an article on MedHelp. Thanks
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for article research I would google this and interview various owners of each.  I've seen and treated many and they seem like good dogs, BUT I have always heard from owners and experienced people that you never get the 'wild' out of these dogs and any owner must remember that.  Let us know what your research turns up.
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I own one.  He is tempermental, has behavioral issues, and requires constant training has compulsions, I don't trust him around strangers.  I would be embarassed to tell you how many dogs I have lol.  My son is a behaviorist.  He is fine with other dogs.  We have to treat him like we are a drill sargent, this is the way he has to live.  He is not an outside animal and does live fine in the house.  He has to go to his place and stay whenever he is told and stay.  Requires alot of training and constant.  Walks are extremely important.  I could care less about socializing him with people, don't trust the dog with other people.  He wears a dog no pet vest on walks.  He has play-time with the others and loves the ball.  He is alot of responsiblity. On the other hand he is georgous.  He loves his family.  He will except other dogs in the house as they come and go. He is fine with other animals, cats, chickens, ferrets etc.  He is loving and protective.  When our home was broken into he was the first out the window chasing the guy down the street.  In my opinion you must be extremely responsible to own a wolf hybrid.  Be willing  to exercise and train the dog constantly.  Always know his limits with people (forget the theory he will be fine I raised him from a pup, mine was 8 weeks when we got him). AND PLEASE JUST IN CASE PUT HIM ON YOUR HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE!!!!!!!
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