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Dog licks the air & sleeping under the covers

Just curious as to why my dog will have numerous spells where he is licking what seems to be the air.  I don't know exactly when this behavior started, but I know he wasn't doing it when we first adopted him.  It has been one of those unanswered questions for me.  Could he have developed some sort of impulsive disorder?  We try to make him stop because it gets annoying when you are watching tv or attempting to sleep and you hear the clicking sounds.

I would also like to know if it is possible for my dog to suffocate when he sleeps under the covers around my feet.  He use to sleep on top of the covers with my oldest daughter until about 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my last child.  He started getting under the covers around my belly, at my feet or behind the bend of my knees.  I move him out from the covers and cover him with a light blanket, but by morning, he is back at the bottom of our bed under the covers.  He seems to prefer "hibernating" every night.  Could this potentially be dangerous for Tuxedo?
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Dogs DO smell with their tongues, and this may have started that way and now become a habit.  Most likely not bloat at there are many other more obvious and fast developing symptoms that occur with bloat.  

as for sleeping under the covers - I would not be too concerned with that.  We put our dogs in their beds at night and then cover them all up with their own blanket and they love it.  If dogs get cold at night they are going to find the warmest spot.  
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How long has been this been going on?  Get your dog to a vet. Have it checked for bloat. Licking at the air, seeking a hiding place, only two symptoms, but there are many more symptoms other than those two.

Also, licking at the air, dogs have a more presice smell, having very sensitive receptors on their tongues..

And in some cases, licking at the air could be from teeth problems.

By all means though, get your dog to a vet so a medical check can be done to find out the cause.

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"Air licking" can also be a sign of a partial seizure.  Your dog needs to see a vet.
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Thanks for the comments!  I didn't realize that dogs could smell with their tongues!  I learn something new everyday!  Tuxedo is very healthy.  He goes to the vet two times a year.  He just had his last check-up the end of March and everything looks great!  I get his teeth cleaned every March.  I never thought his tounge-licking and sleeping under the covers was serious, but I was curious about the why behind it and now I know.  I do not groom Tux like a regular poodle.  We get his hair cut short so I am sure he is cold a lot.  On cold days, we will find him sitting at whatever window the sun is shining through.  

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