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My thing has always been animals. Since I was able to talk I’ve been able to name just about any animal I saw. Sense I loved animals; it was obvious I needed a pet so my mom got me Sassy, a little gray and white kitten who a year later gave birth to Red rose. I was two and still remember seeing redrose for the first time. She was so little and gorgeous and mine. I even got rid of sassy to keep her. Redrose was the first thing I ever just truly fell in love with. She stayed with me for 15 years. One day redrose started getting sick, like shed been roughed up. The past few years she mainly stayed inside so I just let her out to go to the bathroom. Soon she started to get better than one day it just happened. She got really sick, and I just knew she wasn’t going to make it through. When you’ve had a cat just about as long as you can remember it hits you  hard to think that it has to go. She was suffering, and me my mom and my 11 year old cousin just stayed with her. My cousin didn’t know what to do cause I was crying so hard. I was someone she looked up to who was always strong and here I was just crying so hard my body shook all over. Right then I asked everyone to leave. I laid down in front of her and she placed her forehead against mine, and I thought about every moment I’d every shared with her. We just laid there for close to a half hour, and I just petted her and soaked in as much as I could I knew she wouldn’t make it much longer, and knew she was only holding on cause she felt like she needed to comfort me like she always did. So I kissed her head and sat up and she looked up at me half blind. I told her she could go, I’d be fine she had nothing to worry about that I loved her and she had been a good cat and I would never forget her. Hours later she died.

The year before her death. My dad got me a new puppy a Chihuahua who I named Charlie. Charlie was the only dog redrose had every gotten along with friendly like. They would touch noses when they met. Charlie slept with me every night, played with me, comforted me, and was so exicted when I came home it was hilarious.  6 days after redrose died I was up at my grannys, who conveniently lives about 40 feet away from me. My mom called and said Charlie was sick, and she needed me down there, so I came down, and found out charlie’s whole back body was Paralyzed. I got an automatic sick feeling, just knowing he was going to die. I pushed that aside though and immediately ran to get the phone as soon as I did Charlie tried to go after me cause he was scared… he fell off our couch and I fell apart. Tears just poured. I couldn’t imagine loosing two pets in one week. We called my dad who rushed home immediately. I laid him down in the laundry room and comforted him as much as possible. He was so scared and nervous he had no idea what was going on and I couldn’t help him. Charlie had been poisoned. Dad came home and tried to help we tried to make him puke but it was too late. I prayed so hard and asked god to help him, and told him that it wasn’t fair that I didn’t deserve this, that Charlie didn’t deserve this. But none of it helped. Charlie went limp in my dads arms, and he just held him, cussing, telling him not to go. My dad is a tough guy, the life of the party, the good guy. And he started crying. I’ve never seen my dad cry and him, me and my mom were all crying. Dad said “his little heart just stopped.” And handed him to me and I just stood there lost. I laid him down on out back porch table and just walked off mad as hell that this happened. It wasn’t right, it wasn’t fair. Were the only things I could think of. Immediately I grabbed a shovel and walked to go find a spot for him.   In one week I had lost two of my pets. Two pets I loved more than anything. I was heartbroken.  The next few days I just stayed quiet and prayed more. My life was just crashing.   Slowly though I’m getting through it, and realizing things are okay. its still one of the hardest things I’ve ever faced, and ever will face. But now even when I do get upset and cry over them, I know they’re better off now. Gods taking care of them now, and I’ll get to see and love them again one day. And until then, I’ll have the memories and all the good laughs they gave me. RIP Redrose&Charlie. RIP.  

Everyone whose ever owned a pet knows what its like to face the death of their best friend. Its one of the hardest things to go up against. Pets are more than animals, they’re the best friend we could ever have. They’re never gonna judge us, or say were wrong. They’re always there to comfort us without ever asking whats wrong, they just know. The honor us, protect us, and love us unconditionally. They’re the best companion we could ever ask for.  So love them while you can, cause they can’t always be here, and be be grateful for the time you do get with them.
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