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I have extreme hypochondria, please help I am scared I contracted HIV from blood.

I think I am too late for the PEP and my mom wasn't concerned and wouldn't take me to the doctor. Two days ago at work my coworker (20 year old guy with tattoos and hickeys-but don't know his status) cut his hand on something and was bleeding everywhere and then he handed me a broom with the hand with his fresh blood and I think it touched my thumb, but I didn't see it really go in the cut. My thumb had a hangnail on it which I had picked off so there was tons of missing skin there, and it did bleed earlier that evening, like a smaller cut with skin missing. Should I see a doctor? I am scared I contracted HIV. This was like 48 hours ago. He also was handing me more stuff throughout the night and wouldn't put a bandaid on because he didn't seem too concerned. I am scared that this encounter has ruined my life.
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