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Is it gonna be a problem or not

Okay so here is my story i'm 22 years old , i don't like being traped in a room or a place but i''ve never experienced a panic or anything like this before ,  i'm a pilot and i've been flying for 2 years i have around 240 hour of flying and i travelled a lot but i booked a ticket for a 7 hours flight after 10 days from now and i don't why but i'm thinking that maybe i'll feel trapped in the aircraft as they close the doors and i'll panic ( i've never had a panic before )  

1- why am i thinking about this only this time never thought about it before although i was travelling a lot
2- is it just a no reason anxiety or is it serious
3-can this be related to my fear of being trapped or this is nothing because i've never had problem with flying before
4-will it really be a problem or it's gonna pass and i'm just overthinking

Please i need answers and thank you for your effort
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Sounds like your fear is not having control.  When you are flying the plane, you control where it's going.  Having no control over a situation is what's scaring you.
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