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Phobic I got hiv from a blood draw!!!

I have an overwhelming anxiety and think the lab technician poked me with a infected needle on purpose when I had labs drawn about 3 weeks ago!
- The reason I think that is because I didn't see the lab set up since I don't like seeing my blood drawn...I looked away!
- The other reason I'm anxious is that i started to have really weird symptoms such as the tingling in my hands and feet, chills, 24 hours after my labs and now I have fever and body Aches
- every time I feel these symptoms it makes me so anxious!
And these symptoms still persist 2-3 weeks later and are they are common in early hiv infection! So I am putting 2 and 2 together and assuming these symptoms are related to the blood draw incident

My history is that I have always had phobias and anxiety about this disease and I have been to therapy for it! but it always plaques me and my mind starts building and I can't stop! Help!!!
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Hi Nelly91,

I'm with you on the HIV phobia/anxiety, which I too am starting the process of therapy.

Honestly, you're being irrational.

1) A medical PROFESSIONAL would no initially poke you with an infected needle.

2) I'm not in the medical field, but I know procedure. Once a syringe is utilized, it goes directly into the shares container. Trust me, they to avoid getting poked.

I wish you the best as I know the feelings you're experiencing. Keep your head up and keep pushing.

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Thank you for taking the time to answer my question danielorange.
I do have an abnormal fear of hiv. I go through the what if scenarios all the time. In this case what if the lab tech is a maniac and purposely trying to get people sick
I am still freaked out about the blood draw I had weeks ago as I still have these wierd tingling sensations in my body! Ugh! If you look up those symptoms... guess what comes up!!
I don't want to go down this road of testing for hiv for a risk that is considered zero by everyone and I'm scared to even be tested at this point in my life! I have a husband and 2 kids! i have done this too many times! So my husband is totally over me having this fear!
I have been down the road of therapy and I will tell you it hasn't really helped me in the long haul! It helped me get over a situation I went through before!
The only thing that ever helped me was having a negative hiv test!
I have zero risks other than that blood draw a few weeks back which sent me in to this panic again. I am reliving a scenrio I thought I would never live again and here it is... And now I don't know what to do!
So I'm left with the options of taking a hiv test and going down that road or trying to forget about it while these wierd symptoms persist and I don't know if they are a coincidence? Psychosomatic? Or anxiety? What would you do? Sounds like we share the same fears! Although to me you should have no fears either! The virus definitely can't be transmitted on objects such as door handles etc.
We have a lot in common. I have an eleven month old baby, which my girlfriend is over my ordeal too. It's honestly taken a toll on our relationship - thats the main reason I'm headed to therapy; also to hopefully get my life back on track. My only fear is coming into contact with an HIV infected syringe out and about, but now, I share this same fear for my son and girlfriend. I over analyze everything on the ground - its horrible.

If I were you, I wouldn't get tested - theres no reason too. I promise you, with out a doubt, you have nothing to worry. The symptoms you're experiencing are 100% psychological. If you do decide to get tested, you risk reliving this irrational fear all over again.

Keep me posted!
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Thank you! I also feel like you have nothing to worry about! HIV is def not just out there for anyone to contract! I do think it's actually prob hard to contract it! I only worry about it in my situation as there are so many mean people out in the world that do horrible things why wouldn't a lab tech try infecting people it's a perfect place to spread disease! Idk?? I know irrational thinking! But so many horrible things people do!

Anyway back to you...drug users don't usually throw their syringes out for people to step on. Usually they are doing drugs in their house I would assume! I wouldn't think they would do it in public for all to see and risk getting caught by police!
I've personally never seen a syringe on the ground anywhere unless maybe you live in and around homeless encampments!
I think you will be ok! We just have to remember that this is a disease spread through sex, drugs and risky behavior! I don't even think healthcare workers worry anymore! It's come a long way since the 80's! Keep me posted as well on how therapy goes!
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Yeah, sounds like we both over analyze. Its nice actually talking with someone who understands the situation. Yeah, the virus is extremely fragile, read up on all that. You're right, research has come a long way since the 80's, which many live long lives under care. It deff helps talking about it!

Honestly, you're overthinking in your situation. Take what you told me about drug users and not wanting to get caught. Same applies with that so-called crazy health care worker - who would risk that? I firmly believe most people wish absolutely no harm on others.

Have you talked to your husband about it? Or have you been keeping it bottled?
I have talked to my husband about it briefly I bring it up just occasionally and make comments about my symptoms! But I don't want him to get mad so I just asked him one time and said I know I'm being crazy but these are my symptoms and due to timing they scare me and do you want me to be tested! Of course he laughed and said he's not worried and I'm totally being irrational!
Anyway I guess that's why I'm on a forum seeking advice and comfort! I like reading over other people's situations in relation to what I'm going thru!
I just hate my whole situation of the blood draw and the timing of symptoms and having the fever and the tingling symptoms! it plaques me!
I just ask why me! Of all people the one who absolutely fears this illness the most and I have to be left with doubt!
I won't even look up the symptoms of ARS because I immediately panic! And I know my fever was prob cold or flu because my son had it 2 days later but still my what if thoughts haunt me!
Do you talk to your friends or girlfriend about it or have you been keeping it in too?

Hi Nelly,

How you doing? Just checking in!
I am going to see a naturopath this week.
I am not doing that great.
I'm afraid my anxiety has consumed me. I am so worried about having HIV all from the blood draw and I can't stop thinking about it.
I've thought about getting that testing kit from cvs but I'm too scared.
My husband is beyond over me and thinks I'm being so ridiculous.
I feel like I'm on my own with this.
Hi Nelly,

How you doing? Hope all is well. Trust, you have nothing to fear. I'm with you, at times, I feel alone as well!
I thought you left me hangin! I am still nervous! But a little better??  I took the oral swab hiv test from cvs last week as I couldn't stand it anymore and it was at 7 weeks...negative! And it was going ok for a few days but since the box said 3 months for conclusive results I'm still in doubt! So crazy right! How do you know I have nothing to fear? Have you been in therapy? Can you share some insight?
Hi Nelly,

Im sorry to took this long to reply, finishing up grad school, working full time, and we just had my sons first birthday party. They say, 95% of people who contract HIV will show on a test within 4-6 weeks. You're good. Trust me, please :) No therapy yet, I got everything scheduled, but the copay was $200 per session :/
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OMG . I thought I was alone. I had to go for a blood draw for some medical tests for visa application. Everything came back normal. But I was so afraid that the nurse could have reused the needle by mistake.

How are you guys coping up with this? I scheduled an appointment with a psychiatrist. But that's in another 10 days. I dont know how I am going to manage these 10 days.!!!
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I have been an anxious mess! But my rational mind wants to believe I'm being ridiculous and from everything I've read and scoured online it just does not happen nor come up anywhere about infection through a blood draw atleast not in developed nations. I've heard of traveling to undeveloped nations you should bring your own needles with you in case of accident. I'm telling you I've learned my lesson and never going to have blood tests without asking them to open sterile equipment in front of me!
Hi anxiouskid123, yeah, you're not alone, but as I've told nelly, you have nothing to fear. Trust me!

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