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hand pain

Hi i have a joint injury
that i have had for three years to middle knuckle joint.Should it get looked at by an orthopedic ? or leave it alone again its been messed up for three years its all thanks to a person puposely (Basicaly a group of Bullies) punching my hand and it was not until i heard a loud pop sound and almost  immediatly it turned black is bluish. Every so often it will go cold and turn a purplish bluish color Has any one have any  ideas? it soem times will swell up for no reason at all and turns  a purple blusih blacxkish color

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I would recommend you should go see an orthopedist due to possible loss in circulation as a result of the trauma.  

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what woudl cause  one of my vains to twitch could that be cardiac rlated or trauma from the joint injury
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