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4 weeks after breast reduction and massive wound dehiscence

Hi I am after the second opinion as I seem to be getting from bad to worse everyday after breast reduction. Up to 3rd week, all was and I seemed to be healing Ok all around. At 3 week mark visit, I got told that some of my healing has stopped due to low blood circulation and that I need to remove dead skin and scabs around to heal properly. Thats when things started to get slowly bad. I used granuflex gel everyday on those areas and it took another week for the raw areas to reveal around both nipples ( which was a plan), areas under the breast on T section didnt properly open yet and are still yellowish (week 5). Under dead skin was gone around the nipples, lots of stitches came to view and were removed by my surgeon. From there, I was told to put Granuflex paste on the raw areas again everyday. After a week of this treatment, not much has changed until week 4 when some areas got  healed and another’s got worse. I mean much worse. Since last 6 days I have now wound dehiscence in the length of 4 cm snd split into around 1,5cm. My surgeon now ordered some new device/ dressing that is supposed to bring the skin together but I have been waiting for the call to get it placed for 6 days and the wound keeps on getting bigger. I am not getting any other help. Similarly right breast seems to be slightly better healed in one area and then opened up more in the area which was healed. On top of it, I have a new opening in a totally  new place which was previously healed and seems deep. Has anyone else had similar situation as a patient/ doctor? I am waiting for the call from my surgeon but really loosing it by this stage. I am a 40 year old woman, slightly overweight but fit and in s very good health prior to surgery and regularly exercising. Never smoked, eating well, sleeping 8 hrs a day. All I do is that I have a desk job and trying to walk 10000 steps a day. Not doing any heavy lifting or house work. Have a glass or 2 of red wine occasionally, not now as I am again on antibiotics.
If anyone has any suggestion on my treatment or why it all is happening to me, please respond. Btw it was a big reduction and lift (10cm nipple up and around 1kg off from each breast) .
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