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Breast "Transplant"

Not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question, if not pl. advise, where should I post (i have posted it on beauty and cosmetics forum also).

My girlfriend wants to get rid of her breasts (because of pain) and I would hate to see them go away. I was considering having her breast  transplanted on to me (I am a man). My question:

1. Is this something feasible and practical?
2. What are the side affects to both of us?
3. What would be the financial and other cost to it, including recovery period?
4. Is there a medical term for this procedure?
5. Where can I get this done (or who performs this procedure)?
6. Has similar transplants been done and what is the success rate?

Pl. advise.


PS: I am unable to find any details on the internet for such procedure.
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Such a nice idea..
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I understand your desire to keep your girlfriend's breasts around while relieving her of the pain. I have scouted some medical internet sites and it does not seem feasible. I suggest that as an alternative that you try to very gently massage her breasts. There are many such techniques on the internet. I find that gently rubbing little circles with one or two fingers helps me. Spend some time with each spot before moving on to the next. It could become a beautiful thing that the two of you could share.
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I like the idea
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Thanks for your responses. Why do I want my GF boobs?

1. Because I don't have one

2. I want to have boobs of my own (sort of)

3. I love my GF boobs, and because they constantly are a source of pain for her, she wants to get rid of them. I love her boobs so much that I do not want to see them go to trash but want to preserve them, even if it means I need to put them on me.

4. I know getting a breast implant for me is cheaper and easier than this, but I do not want silicone or saline inside me.

5. Why would a man want to become girl?
Why big boobs are female only territory? Why should not the males get one. I understand the nature has not given this because of different reproduction system but these day the gender difference is minimizing anyways .

6. I do not want to become transgendered or do not want to have operation to remove my male organs. I love them and want to keep my male organ, just would not mind big boobs (kind of shemale)

7. Rather then going thru HRT, which will affect my masculanity, I am wishing to get this procedure done relatively cheap.

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I feel the same way
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Hi I feel the same way what you wrote and I notice that my breast are getting bigger and I'm married and have 3kids and I feel like I'm stuck in a mans body but I carry out being a guy if I had a choice I'm not sure I guess you can say I'm a girl in a mans body
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i got a breast transplant and it hurt spoo much and it wasnt worth it in the end after two weeks they were saggy again its very terrible!
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Why would any man wont girl BOOBS on there CHEST…?
Or why would any man wont to become a girl or at that point why would any girl wont to become a man…?
The thing is nun of use are burn genetically the same yes you have male & female but you also have a mix of the genetic genders witch differ in so many different ways…
For the record I’m genetically 47xxy gods angels had the wrong recipe when they made me and this is why you have people wishing to transcend to the genetic gender they should have been at birth…
So why shouldn’t a man be able too have the transplants of female organs or a woman have male organs…’

The problem is seines states there are male’s & there are females yet they huff & puff about anything that is genetically different & they always ways find ways to explain why a person is the way they are or feel they should be; men have a pianos & girls have breasts & Virginia’s but why…? I’m x/xy I have female sex chromosomes but according to seines I’m all man I have a pianos thing is I sometimes feel I should have had breasts & virginal organs but why…? Well for me seines has come up with gender dysphoria to explain why I feel the things I do they also say I’m a paraphillia because I cross-dress yet my inner sense & feelings say I’m part of both I’m intersex’d a mix…
Do I like the way I am NO I would like to feel as everyone else feels I would like to know I’m ever one or the other instead of these cross the board thoughts & feelings I have,
Seines states I need testosterone to help me feel more like a man thing is it’s the taken of testosterone that has brought on these sensations so what dos seines know…?
Seines also states than man wears the trousers & girls wear the skirts but haw many girls today wear the trousers…? So looks as if seines has been getting it wrong all these years.        
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it could be done but you would have to take anti-rejection medicine for the rest of your life.the side effects would be a early death for you.the side effects to your girlfriend are scarring.it would cost about $60,000.00 plus the lifelong cost of the anti-rejectioin drugs.you could get this done at a transplant hospital.i have never heard of it being done yet.a better bet would be for you to get breast implants.
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