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Hpv Type 69

Please help me !
I’m a 25 years old girl who is living in Middle east. In Iran. I think u know about here. In Iran virginity is the most important thing until marriage.for me and my family it is too.
Nobody knows i’m not virgin. If my mother knows first she kills me . Then she will kill herself.
I had sex with a boy who had high risk Hpv that I did’nt know.
We broke up . After 3 months i saw a wart in my skin . I went to a doctor. She said that I have Hpv type 68 and it may cause cancer. She suggested me a vaccine. With high price.
Doctor please help me! Please say to me if i get a cancer in near future i leave the country as soon as possible. If I get cancer i won’t be able to find remedies or hospitalize in this country becuz i’m not married
Doctor plz plz hep me .
Thank u so much
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