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This or That Game ....

I like the Fall ...

Which do you like better rain or snow?

(ok now it's your turn to answer and then ask another question)
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SNOW!!!  Most definitely!

Sleeping on your side or your belly?
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Sleeping on my side. I believe it is much more comfortable.

Which do you like better apple or pumpkin pie?
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Hmmm, I guess Pumpkin pie, especially the way I make it, yummy.

Let's see, the ocean or a lake.
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Ocean...no, lake...no, ocean...can't decide!  

Whipped cream and cherry on top or not?
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Yum whipped cream and a cherry on top! Then I eat the cherry last...droooooool!

Long hair or short on guys?
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Short hair on guys definitely.

Spaghetti or lasagna
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Motorcycle or Automobile
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Automobile cos you don't get rained on in one!

Cool or hot?
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Cool, I hate heat.

walking or jogging
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Walking, preferably in the woods.

Satin or flannel sheets?
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Satin (but I really have cotton ones)

Technology or old-fashioned lifestyle?
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hmmmm....Even though I would consider myself a Computer geek, I actually appreciate both Technology and an old-fashioned lifestyle.

Cats or Dogs?
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I feel the same. Technology AND old fashioned lifestyle. There's a place for both!

Dogs (but I like cats too....) But dogs yes cos I'm a dogsista right now!
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OOOPS! Forgot to post a new one.....

getting up early or staying up late??
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Getting up early, though that doesn't happen often.

Cookies or cake?
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Sunny blue skies or big thunderstorm?
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Sunny Blue Sky

City or Country Life
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Definantly the country

Inside or outside?
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Outside.... .Dancing or watching .
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Karaoke or playing pool?
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hmmm...I would have to say Karaoke as I love singing. :)

Walking or Biking?
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City life or nature outdoors
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Well, I will answer both.

First: to Please Helps question:  I like walking the best.

To Margy's question: I like nature the best.

Now, here is mine:
Horseback riding or swimming.
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Horse riding,           tennis or golf  
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