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Bad cramps during/after sex

Yesterday while I was having sex, I started to have very bad cramps in my uterus.It felt very tight and 10x worse than any cramps I get with my period. I am not pregnant but recently quit taking birth control pills after 9 years and haven't had my period in the past 9 months which my ObGyn says is normal. I don't know if it was the position(on my knees with man behind-which we use often), but the cramps just kept getting worse. We tried different positions, but the cramping just wouldn't go away. By the time we finished, the pain and tightness in my lower abdomen was so bad I couldn't walk. It felt like I had hurt something internally. The pain was so bad that I started to get very nauseous. I have never had pain like that before and I was very scared. The pain lasted about 30-40 minutes and went away with 800 mg of Ibuprofen. Today I am ok just a little sore but no bleeding or anything unusual. Can you give me any advice?????
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i had that pain before. it literally had me crawled into a ball and could not move. Felt like gas pains only it wasn't gas... really tight and shooting pain...

I ended up the the hospital where they told me a cyst on my ovary had ruptured and was causing the pain.
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I am just beginning my 6th month of pregnancy (not the first) & everytime i have sex with my fiance (never matters what positions) the lower sides of my stomach start cramping really bad.. when i talked to my dr. he said it was my muscles cramping up like as if i was a charley horse in my foot. I just wanted to hear from some other women to see if they have exprienced the same kind of thing...
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I get this sometimes too! just the other day I has sex with my hubby and after I felt a horrible pressure in my uterus and ovary area!  its weird but it goes away. It did not hurt during sex, just after!  (also in the man behind position)

I have recently had a D&C for a thickened lining but I had this feeling sometimes before this so I don't think that is the cause!

I will ask my doc in 4 mths when I go back for a check up!  if you find out anything let me (us) know!
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