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Dieting And PCOS

What diet will women with pcos (those with insulin resistance) benefit from?
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Low carb. Cut out soda, candy & other sweets. Bump up your veggies & fruits, lean cuts of meat. Exercise.  
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If u google "insulin resistant diet" there are a few links that come up and they all basically say a low GI diet. Some low GI foods would be wholegrain brown bread, brown rice and no added sugar Alpen. They satisfy u for longer and are slow releasing so that there isn't too much insulin produced to break down the sugar. What we need to avoid is sugar rushes coz we cant handle them an put on weight. Hope this helps
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thanks i needed this info
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I talked with a dietician after finding out that I had insulin resistance last week. She said to limit my carb intake to 180g per day. So instead of counting calories I count carbs (I also keep track of calories though). I worked out 3 of my 6 days for p90x and still lost 6lbs last week by doing this. So excited because I did p90x for 30days without skipping any days and I was staying in my calorie range, and I only lost 2lbs and I gained a body fat percentage. I was not watching my carbs. Now that I am, I have felt better and am finally dropping pounds. Hope this helps!

Oh another tip... when you eat a carb (yes fruits are carbs) eat it with a protein. An apple with a cheese stick or peanut butter. Find KIND bars at walmart. They are almost like eating a candy bar (I buy the dark chocolate ones) only 17g of carbs and only like 6 ingredients in them. A very good snack. I eat every two to three hours. The nutritionist said to try to stay around 45g of carbs for each meal and 15-20g for snacks depending on how many you eat each day. I eat 3 meals and 2-3 snacks a day.

Good luck!  
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