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Do I have PCOS?

For as long as I can remember I have struggled with my weight and have had hair grow on my chin to the point where I’m shaving every other day, it’s really embarrassing and makes me so self conscious.  I’ve had blood tests at the doctors and the results state my hormones are apparently normal, I have very irregular periods, minimum gap between being 6 months and maximum so far being a year. I am a larger woman and struggle with weight loss, doctors in the past have put me on contraception to regulate my periods as trying for a baby, but then as soon as I stop they stop. Myself and my partner haven’t used protection for the last 3 years in hope of conceiving however nothing has happened. Could I have PCOS? How do I go about being tested for it? Thanks
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Those absolutely do sound like pcos symptoms.  I think losing weight is hard but it might help as oldbefore her time (which I doubt, ;.0) states.  https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/pcos/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20353443  Have you ever had an ultrasound of your ovaries? Some women take metformin and it aids in conception if they have pcos.  
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I'm sorry you are dealing with this. You said you had your hormones checked. Did they check your testosterone and DHEA? You should be able to get a copy of the results to see if those are on it. Have you had an ultrasound to check for cysts on your ovaries? A check of your thyroid (blood work) would also be helpful as thyroid problems or other endocrine problems (e.g., adrenal, pituitary) can affect the menstrual cycle.

I have read that women that do have PCOS have a good chance of normalizing their menstrual cycle if they lose ~10% of their weight.

I wish you the best in getting help and conceiving.
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Thank you for your reply, I’ve had all tests apart from the ultrasound scan. Apparently my thyroid is fine, there’s no abnormalities with my testosterone or DHEA. I may have to go back and ask for another lot of tests because I still have no answers. Many thanks x
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