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Follistim Inj with HCG

So I have tried Clomid, leterzole, with no luck!! Doc wants me to try follistim with an HCG.. Has anyone had success with this.. I am kinda scared to try it!! I don't want 3 my first time!! LOL just one to start off with.. me and the Hubby have been trying for three years know. Doc says I have PCOS...

Prayers for Baby!!
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I would ask about a combo cycle. Femara or clomid cd3-7 and then some kind if injectibles (follitism or something like menopur) cd8 until your follicles are mature and ready to be triggered. This is way cheaper then injections only and has a lower likelihood is producing high order multiples. This is what ended up working for me when clomid and Femara alone didn't. I am now 18 weeks pregnant with my second. Good luck.
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Oh, by the way, both pregnancies have been singleton. We thought I might end up with twins this time because I had 3 mature follicles, but there's just one in there again.
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