How can i get pregnant with pcos. i have pcos and i was diagnosed when i was 11. im 19 now and im married and im trying to get pregnant. my gyno put me on bc but it causes me incredible pain and its too much for me to handle. he doesnt want to give me any other treatment and he keeps putting off sending me to a fertility specialist or anyone else who may be able to help me with my pcos. and btw i live in a small town where there are only 2 gynos and they are partners =/
does anyone know what i can do?????
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Well I also have pcos and irregular periods also tryin to get pregnant so instead putting on birth control my gyno put me on provera to bring on my monthly and give naproxin for the pain, this will be my 1st round of clomid this month. But if ur insurance allow to go see a specialist without a referral then u should try that. I hope this help
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How long have you been trying? Most doctors won't put you on meds until you've been trying over a year without getting pregnant.

I have PCOS, I've done provera/clomid a couple of different times with no luck. Everytime I've gotten pregnant has been "without" drugs. My son was born at 33 weeks but he's 10 now & is healthy. I've had 3 miscarriages & am now currently pregnant.

Diet & exercise do play an important roll in us PCOSers. Eat healthy, exercise, lose even just a few pounds might make the difference. Plus when we "quit" trying is when we finally got pregnant. My hubby & I just had fun & enjoyed eachother without the stress of whether we were in the best position, time of day, putting my legs up at just the right angle for a certain amount of time. Just have fun!
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thank you ladies and i have been trying for over a year now and still nothing he was trying to send me to a fertility specialist but that never happened so now im left in the blank

thank you and i will look into what you girls have said and try it
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Diet, stress reduction and exercise are definitely key to controlling this condition, re-establishing hormone balance and fertility.  If seeing a naturopathic doctor is an option where you live that would be the route to go to get expert guidance on managing PCOS without drugs.  I work with PCOS women all the time to regulate periods and have healthy pregnancies, it can be done without drugs or IVF.  I was just at a fantastic fertility seminar this weekend with naturopathic doctor Angela Hywood from Australia who also works with couples struggling with PCOS related infertility.  There are natural options, people just need to be educated that they exist.  
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