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How to increase progesterone secretion naturally?

I'm being treated for Polycistic Ovaries. I've been advised to take birth control pills to regulate Progesterone. Is there any way to increase the secretion of Progesterone?

Can you please give me a list of foods that tend to increase the secretion of Progesterone? Are there any Do's and Don'ts regarding this?

Please clarify me.

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I have had great help with hot yoga, exercize and ayurvedic medicine, please try them. My periods used to be very irregular last year, but I get my cycles regularly now.Ayurveda treats your body based on your dosha, check with a
ayurvedic doctor
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I found this article interesting http://www.ehow.com/facts_5008973_foods-naturally-increase-progesterone.html
It says Wild Yams, Egg yolks,dairy products, foods with Vitamin B6 and foods with Zinc, as wellas herbs turmeric, oregano, and thyme. There probably more but those are a start.

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