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Is it normal for PCOS?

So for the month of July my body has had weird duscharge.
I was diagnosed with PCOS since 18 and am 26 now..I rarely have my periods of which this year only had it once.But last month I thought I had a period but it was only when I wiped that's when I saw pink/brown discharge with tiny blood clots for a week then was normal then after 2weeks I had red discharge only when I wipe with blood clots again.
Is it normal for PCOS. Please note,I have no pain as in cramps
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Hi there.  I was wondering if you could come back and update us for what is going on now?  Hope all is well!
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  We appreciate your question and will try to help.  When is the last time you have had a pelvic exam with your doctor? This would be really important to do.  Spotting and irregular bleeding are common with PCOS.  However, it is also quite  difficult to gage pregnancy when you have PCOS. Unusual spotting can also be a sign of pregnancy.  Have you had unprotected sex?

Could you have a yeast or bacterial infection?  Yeast usually itches and bacterial usually has a strong odor and both have discharge associated with it and irritation that can lead to some bleeding.  

If this continues, it is best to see your health care provider for guidance.

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Thank you for answering,
The last time I had an exam was last year August.
I have had unprotected sex and I have tested for pregnancy 3 times of which they were all negative
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