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Metformin use during pregnancy

I have PCOS and just recently found out that I am pregnant! I have been taking Metformin for a couple years now because my doctor said I was pre-diabetic. I had my first OB appointment yesterday, and he advised me to stop taking the Metformin, since I wasn't diabetic. Everything I have read on the issue says that taking Metformin while you are pregnant can help with early miscarriage, gestational diabetes, and a whole list of other problems that could possibly arise. I could really use a second opinion! Thanks!
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I currently have gestational diabetes and its diet controlled but if my sugars get out of hand they will put me on metformin . My thing is this you only need to take metformin if you have uncontrollable diabetes. With my daughter my gestational diabetes was so out of control they had me on 90 units of insulin a day to keep us well I was passing out every where but from my experience with this being my third pregnancy if you are going to have a miscarriage you are going to have it. I know it may sound harsh but its the truth usually when the sperm and egg come together the chromosomes will add up or they wont. I have had 1 miscarriage and my doctor told me when you have a miscarriage during the first trimester more than likely nothing can stop or prevent it. So my advice as a experienced mom is if your sugar is under control don't take meds just exercise and eat right and go to that as a last resort  and you shouldn't be taking metformin if you are not diabetic and I mean a full diabetic pre diabetic doesn't really count because you can change your eating habits being full diabetic it doesn't matter if you eat healthy or not your sugars are just going to do what they want
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I was told by my dr that it wouldnt hurt but to stop when I found for sure if I was pregnant.  Call your primary dr and ask them they can probably give you a ease.
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