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Hello I have a daughter that is 28 years old and have PCOS and she has not been able to have babies, this is afecting her emotionally really bad, is any REAL effective recommendation of any natural medication that can help her get pregnant?, she have very small cysts in her ovaries but she had been trying for years to get pregnant and also is on medication ( the one for diabetics ) but nothing think to work, HELP PLEASE...thanks very much
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Hi Rana64.  I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. Many women do treat their PCOS which can then result in pregnancy.  I see she is on medication which is associated with this.  Is she taking metformin?  Has she tried clomid as well?  She may need to begin working with a fertility doctor if she has been trying for years with no success and the added complication of pcos.  Hormones need to be altered at times to conceive when a woman has polycystic ovaries.  Let us know how she is doing.
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