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PCOD and Metformin


A little abt me, I have regular periods, no pain at all during my periods, I don't even realise I got my periods...Blood flow is less.... I get heavy periods only for first 2 days and then less and 4th and 5th day  very very less... I never took any tablets or birth control pills...or for pain or anything else not even to postpone my periods....

Two years back I knew I have fibriods, my gyno said it was no problem at all as all fibroids were outside...I used to weight around 55-58kg and height is almost 5ft. I had done once my gulcose test then and it was 89mg/dL.

During this time I used to put on weight but since I drink a lot of water, I used to maintain and reduce..

I tried to have a child a year and half back naturally and did not succeed...then (8 months back from now) I forced my husband and went to a new lady gynecologist doctor who was infertility specialist , she told me to do sonography and she said my fibriods were very big and I shud remove them..Also she said I have PCOD (she did my follicular study), But after consulting with my friends and relatives, I decided not to remove my fibriods, and then in order to conceive she suggested me IUI, so I did IUI twice continues and did not succeed..During this IUI (twice) she said I can eat anything and everything....( my weight duirng this time also touched 60 kgs!!!)

Then my husband had to travel to NJ, so we did the IUI only two times and (6 months back from now) then for a month I went to my parents place, there my mom told me to visit a gynecologist there (she was no infertility specialist), There I showed her my file and she told me to test for Fasting serum insulin, FBS, and TSH T3 and T4. I did so and these were my test results
Serum insulin  -  4.5 ulU/ml
Blood Glucose fast - 90 mg/dL
T3 - 1.46 ng/ml (thyroid function test)
T4 - 9.80 ug/dl
TSH 1.30 ulU/ml
FSH - 6.30 mlU/ml ( 3rd day of my period)
LH - 6.00 mlU/ml

She checked my fibriods and said there is no problem at all as it is outside uterus. So she suggested me to change my entire diet and to aviod sugar intake and also to excercise atleast for 1/2 an hour everyday... she told me to have carbohydrates once a day and fruits and vegetables at other meals... She suggested me to take METFORMIN 500 mg everyday at night time..and she told me to continue taking it ....and this wud help me get pregnant.

Well I did not purchase METFORMIN yet and for a month I was very busy asI was working  and the tests had taken long time, but since on day 1 she told me to excercise , I did so...
I excercise everyday and also fasted and weighed 53.5 Kg (without taking METFORMIN)

Then  when I went back to my old infertility specialist gynecologist , she told me she already knew all this  and she also gave me a prescription of METFORMIN SR 500mg but Slow release metformin and she said good time to take this is afternoon instead of night. and only to take them for only 3 months and not more than that... She also said it is better I remove my fibriods thru laparoscopy. She told me to test for AMH by EIA and I did so , It was 2.51 and so she told me I shud plan to conceive very soon either thru IUI or other means as this factor AMH wud reduce and I had little hopes...

I just did not understand what to do... But then I relaxed and wanted to be happy instead of being sad, And this lady gyno had told me to eat anything and everthing , I clearly remmber this as I had asked her before shud I have any specific diet...Well she did not tell me to change my diet or anything...

It is then I purchased METFORMIN 500mg SR. I have been having METFORMIN for past 2 months and don't know if I need to discontinue this after a month..

I am now in NJ, so cannot meet my old gyneocologists, I don't even know who is right or wrong, please can anyone tell me what to do....

I weight 54 kg today..(well did not follow proper diet so increased). and my blood sugar is 81 mg/dl... and I am 31 years old...

What is the good time time to have METFORMIN ?? (night or afternoon??)
Shud I discontinue METFORMIN after a month??
IS METFORMIN SR and METFORMIN same?? why did my old gyno suggested me SR??
Shud I go for IUI?? or let it happen naturally...
Any other suggestions please seeing my reports??

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That was a wonderful news, God bless you and I pray you succeed in having second child too.

I wanted to ask you did u follow strict diet or any particular diet .. can you advice me more on this??

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Wow, you surely have been getting different advice from different doctors...no wonder you're confused.  My husband and I started trying to conceive in the spring of 2007.  After a year with no success I started seeing a Gyn and he diagnosed me with PCOS without any kind of test.  He immediately put me on Metformin and Clomid.  I was to take the Metformin 3 times a day (1 pill each time).  It is best if you take it with food as it will upset your gastro system.  I took 3 pills a day of Clomid starting Day 2 of my cycle for 5 days. I took Metformin for 1 year and took 7 rounds of Clomid before we finally got pregnant.  I was off Clomid for 3 months (I didn't like the side effects) when we got pregnant.  We now have a 17 month old baby girl who is our miracle child.  In my opinion the Metformin did more for me than the Clomid.  From what I've read, if Clomid does not work for you within 3 months then it probably won't work...not sure if this is true though.  We cherish everyday with her.  I am currently back on Metformin and Clomid and hoping for baby #2...we've already been trying 11 months this time.  

I wish you luck in your conception journey.  Do not give up hope...keep trying.  
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