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PCOS without ovarian cysts?

I am a 28 year old female and I have some of the symptoms of PCOS, including obesity, some mild facial and stomach hair, irregular periods (before I started birth control pills 10 years ago), acne (much better than as a teenager), but my fasting glucose is normal. I had several ultrasounds before my gallbladder removal surgery last year, and they said that my ovaries looked normal (gyno always says they feel normal, too). So is it possible to have PCOS without ovarian cysts? Would they be visible on an ultrasound? Do the cysts come and go? Or from the ultrasound can I rule out PCOS and focus on other possibilities?

I wonder if I have Cushing's syndrome, as I also have what I think is a buffalo hump and my face may be moon-shaped. I also have fatigue, edema in my foot, joint and muscle pain (in hands, legs, back and neck), headaches, chronic sinus infections, sweating, red face, tingling in feet and hands, thin skin (I can see my blue veins), muscle weakness, some stretch marks on stomach and breasts and shoulders (but they have turned white and faded), etc. But my arms and legs aren't thin. Symptoms and severity varies alot (except for the weight). Thanks for your help.
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I had Cushing's disease. I was also diagnosed with PCOS - and I had it. I had both.

From your list of symptoms, it goes beyond PCOS and you should be checked out for Cushing's as well. Cushing's symptoms vary a lot as well and no one person has all the symptoms - I never got the moon face, high blood pressure and some other things. I have pics in my profile.

You should find a good endo - once you know you have a source of cortisol, find a neuro-endo.
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I may have pcos also...borderline. Have no cysts. Doctors are still running tests to figure out what the problem is. Good luck.
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I have PCOS without cyst. It is common for women to have PCOS without cyst. Cyst do come and go. An ultrasound is used so the docs can see one if you have cysts on your overaries, and if you do how big they are. Sometimes the doc would like to repeat the u/s  in about 4-5 weeks later to see if the cysts are A. getting bigger or smaller. B. or to see if they are gone. I have irregular periods also. I have hair growth on my chin and also on my stomach, that I usually get laser or waxed off. With the help of Metformin, it has helped alot! I am not having to shave every day like I was doing before the Metformin. I am not on birthcontrol because I am TTC. Has the doc ask you to get blood work done? Usually they do, FSH and LH, then they look at all your hormones. If there is a ratio is ratio then 1, then you have PCOS. I would work with a GYN and a Endo. Weight issues are also walk hand and hand with PCOS. Usually they say that women who have tried to work out and are unable to lose weight usally have PCOS and is ually caused by insulin rest. As far as Cushing's, I had learned about it, and read alot about it, but I am not quite sure, so I don't want to give you false information. Best of luck to you!
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With my PCOS, my cysts never went, they were always there - my ovaries had the bag of pearls look.
If you have the abnormal LH/FSH levels that is one thing, but you really have the buffalo hump of steroids - aka - Cushing's and should be tested. A doctor should rule out Cushing's as part of the diagnosis of PCOS but few do - and it is a difficult thing to diagnose.
You can have both. I would get tested.
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