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I learned I had PCOS at a early age, I was 16 (currently 31 yrs old) I had started my periods when I was 11 and then by the age of 16 I had nothing! was put on the pill to regulate but since I wasn't sexually active at the time I forgot to take them all the time. Got back on the pill at 18, went off the pill at 26 (2006). Continued to have a period that first yr off the pill. Then 3 times a year, and then nothing from 2008 - 2009.

My hubby and I have been married for 9 1/2 years and have been trying since Sept 2009!  Currently on a break!

I have PCOS and wasn't have a period so I went to the doc and he put me on Provera and Clomid. I did this for 4 months and took a break because we were moving to a new house and I didn't want to waste it being stressed out!
Then I found a clinical trial in Michigan for women with PCOS who are ttc. May/June 2011. Everything was free (awesome) but when I went in for testing (hysterosonogram) they found that my endometrial lining was very thick and I have a uterine Polyp, so I couldn't continue with the trial until I had a D&C.

So 6 months later (after I got some health insurance) its January 2012 and I finally get to the doc and February 2012 have Hysteroscopy/polypectomy with D&C done.  2 weeks later at the post op apt I learn that I have " simple Hyperplasia with Atypia" (pre Cancerous) and I am put on a 6 month treatment plan. This condition is reversible and only has a 8% change of turning to cancer. I am taking Provera days 1-14 of each month to bring on my period, 1000mg of metformin per day, and weight loss (20 lbs down).

Just went (June 4th) to the doc for my 4 month post op visit. I have been tracking my temps like I always do and he confirmed that I ovulated for the first time in MANY years in May!  I have also Ovulated this month but just waiting for temp confirmation!  My DH and I are extremely excited about this because It means we are on the right track FINALLY!

We are not supposed to get pregnant during this treatment plan because my precancer will continue to grow during pregnancy and could be worse later. So he are holding off for now.  I have to have a Second D&C to recheck my pre cancerous cells. This will be done end of August early September! So if my cell reversed we will get the green light to start trying again! We will also start using clomid to bring on Ovulation/ stronger ovulation if I ovulate on my own.

Well there is my story! It is for sure difficult but each person is different and has a different form of PCOS too! You need to ask for ultrasounds and a hystersonogram, blood work too.Get on Metformin if you aren't already, its supposed to be the best drug for PCOS and so far I think it has helped my Loose weight and Ovulate!  I am hopeful that come October we can start trying again and be pregnant early 2013!

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WHAT? Nobody wants to share their stories? WTF
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I was diagnosed with PCOS 3 months ago (Im 21 now) after fighting doctors for tests for about 8 years! I started my period at 12 years old...but they were only ever about 4 times a year...and they were torture, at least 18 days in duration.

I started seeing my doctor about it when I was 14 and was told there was nothing wrong and everyone was irregular the first few years.

Went back to the doctor at 17...still told there was nothing wrong, but he gave me the birth control pill to make me happy. That worked well for about 18 months. It was then I got a DVT (blood clot) and was taken off the pill as it heightens the risk of DVT's.

After going off the pill, I was back to square one. I was lucky to see 3 periods a year.

In April this year, I saw a new doctor (my doctor was fully booked out and I was sick). I went to him for a bad case of tonsilitis (of all things!) and after he gave me a prescription for antibiotics for the tonsils, he looked though the rest of my file and went through all my blood tests, did some more tests that should have already been done (but hadn't) and diagnosed me with PCOS...finally! In May of this year, he put me on Metformin.

Three months into the Metformin, things are slowly coming to some sort of normality. Definitely not anywhere near regular yet...but, it's only August and I've had my period 4 times this year!!! Twice in the last 3 months!!!

I'm hoping that getting started on the Metformin now, that by the time I'm ready to try to fall pregnant (a few years away yet, just finished university and just started working), it might not be as hard as it would have been if I didn't have the Metformin and the PCOS diagnosis!
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Good for you! Keep fighting! you know your body and if your doctor isn't helping you, go see another!

I have my second surgery coming up August 23rd.  My DH and I have decided either way we plan to TTC after this.  I pray they bad cells have reversed

I currently have not lost anymore then 22 lbs but I lost my motivation because its summer and I am busy. so I need to get back on track.  I have not gained any weight back so that is good!
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Thanks! I knew something wasn't totally right, but had to convince the doctor because I had no idea where to start! Haha...seems all I needed was a new doctor and a fresh brain! :)

I've lost 17lbs so far which I'm really happy with. A little way to go, but in 3 months it's an awesome start!! As soon as the Metformin got into my system it really kicked things off well and I noticed some changes pretty soon after. I haven't lost any this last week which is kinda disappointing, but I haven't gained any back either.

All the best for your 2nd surgery!!! I'm praying the bad cells have reversed for you!!
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I was diagnosed with pcos at the start of 2011 after going two years without a period. I started my period in 2004 and would skip 6 months without a period regularly so when it stopped in 2009 I didn't think anything of it. By 2011 when it wasn't back I began thinking how unnatural it was to not have one and went to see a doctor who sent me to a gyno who did some blood tests, ultrasounds and a glucose tolerance test, and diagnosed me with pcos, his only solution was "lose weight it will help" I was not overweight, I had a perfectly healthy BMI. After a few months of seeing him with that being his only solution I stopped seeing him as he was hurting my feelings.

Mid 2011 my period finally returned, for weeks at a time, very heavy. By October it was constant, I kept going on about my day to day activities, uni and working. It was so heavy I had to wear both pads and tampons, changing them sooner then I should have. I thought due to my blood disorder (von willebrands disease) it was just my body catching up with itself. By the end of January I was hemorrhaging into the toilet multiple times a day, filling  pads within 5minutes and decided it was time to go see a doctor.

I was prescribed yasmin 4x a day, it didn't stop the bleeding. They were going to do a D&C but were afraid I would either bleed out or end up with a hysterectomy at 20. Was also put on hormone therapy. Months of more tests, more pillls and still bleeding. Finally in May they agreed to do the D&C and inserted a mirena. After I was in agony so it was removed 5 days later as they thought it had perforated. In June I had another D&C and an exploratory laparoscopy which showed endometriosis and a lot of cysts. I was meant to have another lap done on Tuesday but it was cancelled at the last minute. It is now going to be done on the 28th of this month.

At the moment I am on a lot of pain killers, 1500mg of metformin and 35mg diane. Just want to get my life back in order, had to stop studying and stop working due to being in agony. I have gained weight due to all the pills I have been on, so far have managed to lose 10kg (22 pounds) since March. Tried acupuncture yesterday to see if that would help, it didn't,
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