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could my ovarion cyst(s) ruptured

im 34 and i was diagnosed with pcos when i was 16 or 17 yrs old since my very first menstruationmy periods have been really irregular i started takim birth control at age 14 and i took it off and on until age 21 and when i did take birthcontrol my periods were regular but theyve always been extremely light and only lasted 3 or 4 days on average when i stopped takin bc at age 21 my periods went back to bein very irregular more or less non existent i know i went close to 2 years without having a period and then when i was 23 i got pregnant carried full term delivered (c-section) a healthy 8lb baby  periods continued to be irregular i would might have one period  maybe once a year then when i was 30 got pregnant with my 2nd child again carried full term another c-section healthy 7lb 10oz baby boy but after this pregnancy i noticed almost immediately i started having regular periods like every 28 days without fail this went on for months close to a year and then i started using opioids and my periods just kinda stopped its been over 2 1/2 years since i have had a period  and the last period i did have over 2 1/2 years ago wasnt like the rest of my periods i remember it was really light in color it almost looked like it was watered down like really watered down which i thought was weird anyway then after not havin any perioids after that fpr over 2 1/2 years last week i got my period amd it also was kinda watered dowm not as  much as the last one but it lasted about 4 days and over the 4 days it got lighter in color loke it was  gettin diluted more and more as my period went i stopped bleeding after 4 days but now its been almost a week later and i still have this really watery discharge  sometimes its more watery then others but theres alot of it for 2 or 3 days after i stopped bleeding i contined to wear a tampon cause there was so much of  it but i stopped and started wearing pad or panty liner instead cause i wasnt sure if it was bad to wear a tampon when your not menstruating but this watery like fluid is still comin out of me it got a yellowish color to it and kind of a strange smell i dont know how i wpuld describe the smell its not a good smell but its not a baf smell but its also not how i want mt vagina to smell either im wondering could this maybe be a ruptured  ovarion cyst(s) and the watery stuff comin out of me is just whats draining from the ruptured cyst or is this unlikely and ive probably got a entirely different issue please help!!!!!
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