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no periods 3 years

hi im 21 tears old, i have 3 kids.Ive never had normal periods they where always a couple months apart,,,my last two kids whereborn 2006 and 2008 didnt have periods months before i got pregnat in 2006.I thought it might be PCOS but i herd women with that have troulble getting pregnat,that has not been a problem for me....also since ive had 3 kids i have had lots of pelvic exams and the usual pregnancy test...cant take birth control either...(got my hubby fixed)..amyone had this issue?
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sorry also i grow facial hair on my chin just as thick as a man,i have to shave every day thats how bad it is..
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This def sounds like PCOS as I have just been told I may have this, I haven't had a period in 1 year and I have been trying to concieve for 2 year.
I have a little boy who was born 2003 and I did have another pregnancy in 2006.
I dont know if you know the symptoms of PCSO but they are: Infrequent periods, hair growth, obiesity and fertility problems. Are you having all these??
Also do you know what PCSO is? Well incase you dont...... When a egg is released its starts off as a little cyst but when you have PCSO you have too much of the male hormone which stops the egg been released and stays as a cyst in the ovary.
If you go to the doctor they will do blood tests to check levels of hormones and then a scan.
If you have got it and your not planning on having any more baby's then the doctor will prob just give you the pill to sort your periods out.
Finally my sister has a lot of hair growth like you on the face her back and chest (like a man!!!) and her periods are all over the place but she does not have PCSO she has too many male hormones think its called Virt somrthing I will check this out let you know.
Hope this helps
Sam xx
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Hi there Ive found out the name of what my sister has its Virllization xx
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