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pcos pain and bleeding after sex

i am 27 yrs old married.we had a nice sexual life for a month.after a few months of interval wen we had sex i felt it very painful and i had bleeding which lasts a few days.i consulted a gynac and aftr blood check and ultrasound diagonsed they diagonsed pcos.took medicines and regularised periods.aftr 6 months wen we had sex the same problem arised.this tym the doctor checked for any polyps by visual examination.also we did a transvaginal scan.this tym also they said i had pcos.as usual contraceptive pills and metformin tablets wer given.doctor said that she dnt find anything wrong.the pain and bleeding may be due to vaginal dryness.now still i have the same problem.if its due to vaginal dryness then will the bleeding last for a week??i am scared dat it could be a symptom of any dangerous condition??cancerous growths can be found in a transvaginal scan no??plz help me...so scared
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Ah, sweetie, sorry you are having this difficulty. Especially since you are newly married and trying to enjoy yourself!  PCOS is a long time chronic condition so you are still on the medication for that, right?  I would not be suspicious of cancer because they've certainly done testing with as much gynecological examination that you've had.  a simple pap smear will check for abnormal cells and they freeze those right off.  It's a very VERY slow growing cancer so would not be very concerned about that. What about endometriosis?  Did they check for that?
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i think no.i had 2 ultrasounds each at 6 months interval and a transvaginal scan 6 months before.i dont know what this endometriosis.does dat cause to bleed after sex and cause irregular periods.is endometriosis same as polyps.i had a pelvic examination to check for polyps and found i had nothing lyk dat.is this enough to detect endometriosis??
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Hi, I'm sorry you're facing this. Having PCOS varies from woman to woman, here are symptoms that could indicate you have PCOS. If you feel any of these symptoms are effecting you then talk to you doctor! Not every woman with PCOS will have every symptom, and you do not have to have cysts on your ovaries to have PCOS.
Symptoms of PCOS:
Reduced menstrual cycles than normal or complete lack of having any cycles.
Some can have monthly cycles but not actually be ovulating.
Heavy bleeding during your period, and spotting in between cycles.
Hair loss on your scalp
Excess hair growth on your body such as your face, chest, back, stomach, thumbs, or toes.
Acne and oily skin
Weight gain that is mostly gained around your midsection.
Miscarriage and infertility
Insulin resistance. This can cause miscarriage, poor egg quality, and irregular periods.
Cysts on your ovaries
Difficulty to lose weight despite dieting and exercise
Multiple positive OPKs throughout your cycle, but no ovulation happens.
Our kind dr at biotex repro center explained us the following. There are different ways to treat your PCOS, natural remedies and prescription remedies. There is also changes in diet and lifestyle that can also help. Not everyone is then same and while some treatments will help some, it may not hep others.
Common treatments for PCOS include:
Ovulation inducing medication. This can be prescription or natural remedies. The goal of these are to induce ovulation in those who are not ovulating. Clomid, Femara, and Soy are the most common prescription and natural ovulation inducing remedies.
Metformin is often prescribed to control blood sugar levels.
Low carb dieting, which helps insulin resistance and promotes weight loss
Exercise, which helps insulin resistance and promotes weight loss
Inositol will help insulin resistance for some.
Spearmint tea can help reduce androgen levels.
Omega 3 fatty acids will help PCOS symptoms
Vitex can regulate cycles for some with PCOS
Tribulus can help some with PCOS when used before ovulation by increasing LH.
Over the counter natural progesterone cream can help some when used after ovulation.
Prescription strength progesterone support may be needed for some. There are different forms such as oral, suppositories, and injections.
Hope this might give you some hints. Take care.
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