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Calling on all Friends

Ok, I have debated on asking ya for prayer alot over these last two weeks. See about two weeks ago my life started to fall apart. My husband who I love very much, and who seemed to be trying to change for me...up and started people to pray for him for he was being tempted by a much younger woman. He didn't try to hide how confused he was at all. Then on Thursday he started to act different. We talked about this other girl that night and our relationship. He told me he wouldn't be a ***** or hurt me like that.

Then Friday after I got off work he was distant and really really confused about what he wanted. He started a fight with me. The fight dragged into Saturday. On Saturday things fell apart while I was at work. His mom caught him trying to bring the girl to my apartment. The next thing I know I was out at his brothers house and he had slept with her twice. On Tuesday, he finally cared enough to get me. We went shopping out to eat and to church together. It looked like things were seeming to be coming back together. But by Wednesday afternoon I had lost him again. He was texting her nonstop. In front of me...and Thursday I went for a walk to clear my mind. When I got back he had left for her. He was gone.

Over the last two weeks I have fought to try to win him back. But in the end some stupid decisions by third parties caused my husband to pull complete away. He isn't thinking straight he didn't take nothing sentimental. He says that she is taking care of him now. He wants me to handle the finalizing of the split through his mom. I know after all that he has put me through I shouldn't want to be with him anymore. But I love him and I trust God placed us together. Besides, my husband seems to be under control and that control sooner or later will lose its grip...

Please, I call out to all the believers to pray for my husband and me. I pray that his eyes will open and even if he doesn't get back with me that he gets back with God. My man I pray leaves this drama behind and gets close to his kids once again. Please all prayers and advice I will be grateful for. Thanks may god bless you,

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Kimberly, my dear friend and prayer buddie,
I'm so sorry for what you're going through.

There's a time and place for prayer and a time and place for contemplation.
The way I understand how prayer works, is when the individual involved
has the intention to receive guidance, help and enlightenment from the Divine!

When the  sincerity,intention and true regret is lacking (not yours, but his)
then we can only pray that he receives the strength and wisdom to make the right choices in his life.
God does NOT and  will NOT interfere, as we are all given FREE WILL
to make our own decisions. (I have talked to you about this in the past)
It is God's Ultimate Plan to see us do well in this life, driven by Love and Compassion for one another, however, if we deviate from this, it is our own choice and God as much as he Loves us, cannot play favorites and "make"
someone  behave better and make wiser choices, as God is also a Fair and  a Just God.
If we use force in pursuing what we think should be the God's Will in regards to our relationships, we are ourselves  perhaps deviating from our Path of Loving, Caring and Accepting His Will and His Gift  to us of Freedom of Choice.
You may need to dig deeper into your Faith and pray for inner strength
to let go, of any dependency you may have created over the years,
specially if it is a toxic and dysfunctional dependency that takes you away from your own chosen Path and Higher Purpose.
The writing is on the wall. I will pray that you too can have the clarity of mind to see it, the wisdom to make the right choices and also for your husband to be able to make the right choices as I mentioned earlier.

Love and Hugs!
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My husband called the other day showing remorse and crying and saying that he just didn't want to put me through pain. Through our god all things are possible. I know it sounds crazy, but I know my husband loves me even with all the wrong he has done.

I believe one day he will come back and do right by God and me. That is why I ask people pray. That is why I ask people understand and don't be harsh on my husband but pray for him. My heart will stay true to what I always trusted which is we were meant to be. I am his eve, given to him as a helpmate.

Thanks for the support...may god bless you,
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One more thing, I have become pretty independent since he left. I am taking care of me. I just pray he will straighten up his life as well. Thanks again
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Kimberly, I'm glad that you're doing OK.
You know, you are an amazing person, with so much love and kindness and compassion for everyone around you, that I feel that you're destined to
do great things in your life. This may be just a test before the next
chapter of revelation commences. With one condition.
Your Higher Purpose will manifest ONLY when your Higher Self is aligned
with God.

Your husband has to figure it out on his own this time. Really!
You have been extremely supportive, patient, understanding and forgiving.
Nonetheless, you may have also  unintentionally, encouraged him to continue on this path of Sin (drugs, drinking, cheating, pornography,) that no matter what, you will take him back.
He's on a trip of his own choosing and he hasn't hit bottom at all thanks to you probably, yet this might be the only way to turn his life around.
He will continue doing the same things over and over again as long as you accept his temporary remorse and crying each time. This is not part of God's Plan, that's for sure. So feel good for the position you took.
Do not encourage the perpetuation of this dysfunctional situation and stand strong in defending the values and morals you abide by.
This will allow you to free yourself, to allow Light to come in to your Life
and be in Harmony with God's Plan for you.

I know you have been doubting your faith in the last few months.
Now is the opportunity to re-establish it and move ahead onto your Spiritual Path, where you will be Awakened to Your Highest Self !

Stay strong!

Love and Hugs.


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