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Forgive me

I pray for forgiveness Lord.  I feel lost and crazy...um, just not right!  My Behavior is so so wrong often (The Angels will sort out my muddled English in this Prayer).  I feel 'out of control' and am disgusted with myself.  I miss my Dad Lord - Please send his spirit loads and loads of love please.  I pray also for those around me - each and every person, may they feel your love.  I want for the whole world to know you Lord and Praise you, for you are the best of all the best! :-)  Love you tons Lord (My Daddy whom I will never have to grieve over)  Amen
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That was a very beautiful prayer, and it seems like you have a heart for the Lord. Therefore, you should never feel lost and alone. You shouldn't feel grief either for one day you will see all your loved ones again in Heaven. I will be praying for you sorry my response came so late.
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