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Hello, all, would you mind if I join you?

I am a Christain woman, and I do my best to do what Jesus would.  He is really the whole reason I am a member of MedHelp.  Jesus would want me to help, if I can.  Lately, though, it seems as if I am finding myself not saying or doing the right thing in various situations, and I don't understand that.  I look back at it and say to myself 'why did I do that?  It wasn't right.'  And I am apologizing left and right.  How can I best correct this on a spiritual level, as that is where i feel the problem is... maybe a I am lacking in enough faith?  Please reply, and thank you - Blessings - Blu
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Good morning I may not be the best person to help you in this. I am constantly in a spiritual battle myself you see. I do trust in god but never can find the time to read the bible. I also struggle to pray at times. Still I continue to fight to get right with God and always ask forgiveness for my sins.

The Lord knows your heart and is all loving and forgiving. Therefore this question should probably be directed to him. Pray over it and have quiet time with The Lord. I pray this helps and I pray he opens your eyes. May god be with you kimberly
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We all say and do the wrong thing at the wrong time. All you have to do is ask God for forgiveness. Ask him for guidance. Thank Him for sending Jesus to us, to bear the stripes and to die for our sins so we may be forgiven. Ask God to help you forgive yourself. God forgives us so why can;t we forgive ourselves? If amends need to be made because of something you said or did, ask God for help in doing this. If making amends will only cause more hurt, let it go, and just forgive yourself. Don't dwell on all the things that are wrong in your life, focus on your blessings. Be at peace with yourself and stop saying negative things about yourself. Acknowledge every good thing that is in you, and ask God to help you believe His promises and learn to trust Him. You have no need to feel guilty. That is the devil's doing, to make us feel guilty and to start doubting God. When we know we've done wrong sometimes we feel as though we must punish ourselves by feeling guilty All these bad feelings is the devils way of filling your mind with bad feelings, so we  have no time left to commune with God. Keep your mind on God. Don't let satan get a foothold by his making you worry and feel guilty. God doesn't want us to feel bad, but He gave freedom of choice, and so we must always choose Him, if we are to have peace and happiness in our lives. God bless you and keep coming back here for more support.
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Hi Blu,

I promised you I would come and visit the Prayer Group forum and look
at your question. Please know I always keep my promises whenever I
can. I am a Christian woman too. I believe in the teachings of Jesus
as well and I am very spiritual. You say you're not saying or doing the
right things in various situations. You say you are apologizing left and
right. Please know no one is perfect. You're not always going to say
the right thing or do the right thing. It's called being human. I used to
get mad at myself sometimes, when I reviewed what I said or did in
a particular situation. I thought I could have said this or I could have
done that. But the past is the past. What's the expression. Your hindsight is 20/20. Forgive yourself. Be gentle with yourself. You can't always
find the perfect words all the time or do the absolutely correct thing
all the time. As long as you can say to yourself, I tried my best to
say what I considered the right thing at that time or I did what I
considered the best thing I could do at that particular time, then that's enough. Here's an excerpt from one of my favorite poems called
Desiderata  " You are a child of the universe. No less than the
trees and the stars. Strive to be happy". To this I add, be gentle and
forgiving to yourself Try and never say something to another person
you wouldn't want said to you.. You're willing to forgive other people, forgive yourself. Jesus forgave our sins. I hope this has helped. Blessings, Eve :)
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I can relate. I think we women not only want to help others and tend to be caregivers but also talk more than men so we may not always say the right things. I also think we tend to be rather hard on ourselves.
I have found myself sometimes responding emotionally to something that's close to me (like my kids) and speaking from my emotion or what I think is right before I've gone to God to pray about it. This is something I'm struggling with now to try to pray about something and wait on God before speaking and it can be really hard and I don't always do it. I fall a lot and beat myself up a lot but as the others said, thankfully, God is a forgiving and gracious God, I think more than we are to ourselves. As the others said, God knows our hearts and our intentions.
I know you said you're struggling to find time to read the bible, etc., and I'm guilty of that too, though, I've been trying to read uplifitng, spiritual books when I can because it's such a busy world, and seems so negative so much of the time it can stress us out, so I'm trying to concentrate on God's goodness and grace, His beauty in His creation and listening to Him. It's not easy in this busy, noisy world, but so necessary for our own peace so we can get "filled up" so we can give to others because if we just give and give but never get filled up ourselves we soon become depleted and even burned out. So make sure you are getting filled up too. :)
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Thanks so much for your post April2!  That's the 2nd message today, that mentions being filled with the Holy Spirit. I will pray for it, as I need it very much today. The 1st message about this was when I woke up & turned TV on, the Christian channel, then read your comment above . Thanks.  May you too, be continually filled with the Holy Spirit & God's love!
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