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Prayers and Positive Thoughts Needed

I'm a 23 year old women who just recently found out she was pregnant. This is my first child and I was very excited. This baby is a miracle and a blessing. But yesterday I noticed a small amount of bleeding and cramping. I went to the ER and they consider it a threatened miscarriage. Which means really its 50/50 if my pregnancy will go on or lead to a miscarriage. I know that with prayers and lots of positive thinking everything will be okay. I believe in miracles.
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Hi Chough02 and welcome to our Group.

My Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your unborn baby.
Nonetheless,regardless of the outcome, I will pray that you find the inner Strength to endure any challenges and difficulties Life presents you, for they hold valuable lessons to learn, so you may grow spiritually.
And I will also pray that your Awareness of the Divine increases ,
and by doing so any Fear and any Doubt will be replaced by Peace and     Love!

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I agree with Niko. :)
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Will be thinking of you and your baby god bless and may you stay strong
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