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Thermal ablation & pregnancy in your 40s

Someone recently asked me a question about thermal ablation and pregnancy after age 40.  I'm not an expert, but here's what I found from this article:


If you still have bleeding, then your chances of pregnancy increase.  However, it looks like any pregnancy after ablation must be carefully monitored due to the possibility of abnormal implantation.  The consequences can be quite serious.  The bigger issue seems to be implantation -- if there's no soft spot for the embryo to land, then it can't implant.  

I think your best bet is to consult an OB.  Unfortunately, from my experience and others, doctors tend to be very pessimistic about conception in your 40s.  Should you conceive, see an OB right away.

I think if a woman wants to try, she should.  Like any woman trying to conceive, a back-up plan for life after ttc and a rationalized end date should help in coping with the fertility roller coaster.
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Hi - The first sentence in your last paragraph sums it up perfectly - don't give up before you try!  My former OB/GYN said that "no woman over 35 has any business trying to conceive". My husband and I were discouraged and shamed into giving up our dreams of having children together. Then serious bleeding led my new OB/Gyn to suggest an ablation. A few years later, I chanced across one of these forums, and had new hope, and asked someone who the RE in town here was that they saw. My husband and I decided to chance talking to him. I am so glad we did. It took 15 months, and several surgeries to correct the damage from the ablation, but he got my uterus looking like new. He was really proud of his work. I am too. We are now 11 days post 5 day transfer and really excited. Thank God for good people. And shame on those who would stomp on your dreams. My advice to everyone - don't be afraid to get a second opinion.
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WOW!  That's amazing!   It sounds like such a serious procedure.  What did it take to change the lining?

SSBD to you!  Please keep us posted.  As you may have read, I'm 44 and conceived naturally on the cycle after I stopped responding to fertility drugs and my FSH went up to 13.5.  I'm now 32 weeks pregnant and getting ready for the big day!
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