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36 day cycle, dip day 9. 97.6 to 95.3 using TempDrop, normal?

Hi! Aspiring 1st time mother here. TTC naturally since end of 2015. Started charting temp this year. Recently I purchased a temp drop. Hoping to get more accurate readings (lots of mountains in my chart) . I started using it on cycle day 1. Now on day 9 I've had a larger than normal dip, 97.6 to 95.3. My cycle is usually about 36 days. So I wouldn't think I would be ovulating already, but what would I know, I haven't gotten it right yet.

I only talk to my doctor and my husband about these issues, so I could really use some tips or advice from someone who has similar shoes!
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Hm.  so, here is how temps worked for me.  I would start cycle day one and take temp each morning first thing, even before getting out of bed.  When I ovulated, my temp actually went up about a degree. And it stayed up until right before I got my period (like would dip a couple of days before and be totally down to the starting point by time period was in full swing).  The only two times it did not dip back down was when I was pregnant with my two sons.  

So, if you could explain what is happening again, I'll try to comment.  You started taking temp and it dipped BEFORE you ovulated or early in your cycle?
Ok, so I got a new thermometer this cycle. It's called TempDrop. It's an arm band you sleep with. I remove it and sync after I wake up.

Today my temp (on cycle day 9) has dipped quite a bit. Down to 95.3. This cycle I have been between 97.7-96.9, so 95.3 freaked me out a bit. My cycle tends to be long at 36 days usually.  

What could have caused today's dip?
(IDK how to share my chart on OvuView)

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