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Almost 36, Filshie claps in 2005, late period, positive or evap line?

I'm 35, 36 in July, and I am about 2 weeks late.  I had my tubes ties in Oct 2005 with Filshie clips-titanium clip with silicone lining.  I'm not really sure where my clips are inside my body.  I have had lower back x-rays and MRI's and I have never seen them.  I don't know if they fell off and are aimlessly wandering around or maybe hidden by something.  I know that the failure rate for the clips starts to increase around the 10 year mark, at least from what I have read.  So my issue is this;  Hubs and I really want a baby but can't afford a reversal at this time, and lets face it I'm getting to old to have one.  I have regular periods and have since I started.  I also had an endometrial ablasion in 2011 but a couple years later the dr checked my lining and said it had grown back and was thick and healthy and could facilitate a pregnancy.  I bought a pack of 2 pregnancy tests from Walgreens and took one yesterday afternoon and there was the most faint positive.  First thing this morning I took the second one and it was negative.  I have done some reading and research this morning and it seems that the tests with blue dye are known to leave an "evaporation line" leading you to believe it was a positive result.  So now I feel fairly certain that the test from yesterday just had an evaporation line.  It's hard to swallow because I pray nightly for a miracle that one tiny, healthy egg will slip thru and we will be able to have a child.
Any information is greatly appreciated.
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