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I'm trying to get pregnant,I need help c

I been trying to get pregnant this month
So I had s** on my fertility window which was date 11. I was expecting my periods on the 25th but they dint came. So we had s** again on 25th and emidietly after I started spotting ,but it dint last for a long time and it stopped. On 26th I had no periods the whole day until at night I started bleeding and the bleeding just ended today.
Well I think I might not be pregnant,but I want to try again this march any idears?
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If your ovulation period starts 14 days before your next period, you should start trying around 16 days before your period. Sperm survives in the vagina for 2 days. The first month my husband and I started trying we were having sex almost every day, and I was forever testing and counting the days and just being a total stress head about it... in the end I got my period a week later.  
With my next ovulation period I decided I was just going to relax and if it happens, it happens, if it doesn't it doesn't. We had sex every second or third night during my ovulation period. I went back to my usual routine and tried not to think about whether I'd get pregnant or not... I even went to a BBQ and had a few drinks lol. It wasn't until I started feeling really emotional and tired that I thought I'd do a test just to see and I got my faint positive. The following morning I tested and sure enough I was pregnant. 5 weeks at that stage!
I'm now 15+4 and my baby is doing great!!

Just relax. Try not to stress about if it will happen. Just make sure you work out your ovulation period and then enjoy having sex with your partner in the meantime;) lol
All the best!!
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Absolutely try having sex more than just 1 day!!!! Find out when your fertile window is and try having sex every other day during your fertile window. Start cycle day 10 through to like 3 days after your fertile window ends. Every other day is good cause it gives your mans sperm time to replenish. Oh and buy OPK's Ovulation predictor Kit

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